Deleted over 40 accounts today...

It's crazy how bloated my online presence is — Bitwarden holds 316 entries for various websites and stuff 🙈

Deleting accounts opens one's eyes at how bad sometimes the situation is.

Services, who don't serve their content/services to Europeans, don't bother about GDPR, which makes removal of accounts in Russia way harder.

Even those, who are EU-based, still make it hard. All this hunting for KB articles or support emails is no fun. "We don't have an email, use online chat", yea yea, f- you.

Many services don't support account deletion — only account "closure". An accidental login reactivates it.

Some curious cases:

A website to keep track of watched anime: "There is physically no possibility of deletion. You can clear your watch list, delete your friends, set your nickname to a random value and an email to an inexistent one. Then, never log in!"

A poker playing website: "Our government orders us to keep user's data indefinitely so that they can investigate criminal activity. We closed the account though."

A portal with some MMORPGs, one of which I used to play: "We need to know it's you. Tell us every email, phone number, and social account that were ever connected to your account, list us all of your characters with nicknames, races, classes and levels, tell us all games you've played, tell us the city and date of the registration, tell us when and what you've played last time."

I barely remember any of these things, of course 🤦🏻‍♂️

@kytta Since my last account cleanup a few years back I use temporary throwaway mails for new registrations. If I like the service enough to keep it I'll register with a regular address.

Same if they don't offer account deletion: If I can't remove my data, they don't get my real information...

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