Many are using Keybase to prove their identity across various services. However, it is by far not the best choice for this:

• it tries to get hold of your private OpenPGP key, which is just wrong
• it was acquired by Zoom in 2020 and hasn’t posted updates ever since
• it doesn’t have proofs for Gitea, IRC, XMPP, and other fedi services
• its server is not open-sourced

If you don’t use Keybase for their messengers, file storage or Stellar, don’t use it at all! Check next toot for an alternative

I use Keyoxide, developed by @yarmo.

• it’s fully open-source and can be self-hosted
• it relies on already existent OpenPGP identity proofs via notations — your identities never leave your OpenPGP key
• as such, one doesn’t need an account
• one can verify XMPP, IRC, Mastodon, Pleroma, Owncast, etc. New proofs are easy to implement

My favourite feature is the ability to use WKD to be able to use email addresses instead of fingerprints, like

@kytta @yarmo I need to finally set-up WKD for my e-mail domain, and keyoxide for my e-mails.

Thank you for the reminder!


@rysiek @yarmo if you have your key at, you can set up WKD with a single DNS entry:

Works with Keyoxide like a charm 😍

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