Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

I have now created a repo on Codeberg with the wiki, where I'll put all gathered knowledge over the next days:

cc @garlic_onions

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A hundred replies later, here’s what I gathered:

— people seem to like the idea :D
— there are other projects with similar idea of making recipes publishing more communal
— there are quite a few recipe formats:, FatHub, RecipeML, h-recipe, Cooklang
— semantic markup is a must
— discoverability will be tricky
— Nextcloud has a cookbook app; it is unclear how it works with (federated) Nextcloud Social
— name ideas: Recipedia, Cookwyrm :blobcatgoogly2:

I’m quite hyped to say the least

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Hey Fedi, do you know if there is a federated (perhaps even -powered) cooking recipe hosting service? If not, let's 👏 make 👏 this 👏 happen!

I hate modern recipe websites. All of them are full with ads and tracking. The leading recipe hosting in my country loads over 30 different trackers, and that's excluding the ads!

KDE and Gnome users are usually like enemies, but in fact, they use the same systems. It's pretty sad to see how fans of both DEs are fighting each other online. I mean, those DEs have different style and approaches, and even a purpose is different. Why would anyone compare them? It's like a comparison of Linux and Windows; damn, they are meant for different things and cannot be compared :blobcatgooglyshrug:

modern web browsers are kinda like US politics because you have
- the evil one
- the "at least its not the evil one" one

Another cool thing was me being able to replicate my home environment with chezmoi [1] — I love this piece of software so much!

All in all, my work PC is now snappier, more beautiful, and a blessing to use. Seriously, give Fedora a try; it’s the Ubuntu of the 2020s.


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Third, GNOME Software is a blessing. I didn’t have to use command line at all to install all software I needed: either from RPM or from Flatpak. The same goes for update from 35 to 36 (my ISO was a bit old), which went incredibly smooth.

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Second, I think I’m in love with GNOME 40+. The snappiness, the style, the default app set are incredible. I was amazed how I literally didn’t have to install anything extra to do my job (which, to be fair, is basically RDP’ing into Windows machines and connecting to SMB shares).

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Yesterday I had the joy of installing Fedora (dual-boot) on my work PC. And oh boy, did Linux come a long way!

First, I don’t quite understand why people dislike the Fedora installer. All went pretty smooth, and the installer immediately recognized my free space and created the needed partitions. GRUB also plays pretty good with Windows.

@kytta Open source can help. 🙂 Most actions that improve privacy will also save data.

Use rather than , which is just a data-hoovering vehicle for Google.

Install the following plugins:
* uBlock Origin (get the name exactly right)
* Either Privacy Badger or Ghostery
* Decentraleyes

They all cut down on unwanted tracking and/advertising.

Finally, install another app: either Blokada or TrackerControl, which reduce tracking and ads in the OS and in apps other than the browser.

BTW, another reason to choose Mastodon over Twitter. The toot above took like 2 seconds to post, whether a (shorter) tweet would take a minute to be posted (if it even could be posted without failing with a network error) 🤷‍♂️

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I have used up all my data plan for this month, so my speed is capped at 64 Kbps.

This is a friendly reminder to all web developers: Keep your bundle sizes small, only ship what you need, compress your images, YOU DON'T NEED REACT IN YOUR F-ING BLOG, test your sites on slow connections and slow phones.

You using a Galaxy S22 Ultra with an unlimited 5G plan doesn't mean everyone else does too.

advice needed!

My setup is: I have 5 Django apps, each has 3–7 models. For each model, there is a list and a create/edit view. All are based on the same base.html.

I want to have <title> be set in a LIFO manner. For example, list of ‘items’ inside ‘warehouse’ app would have the title ‘Items - Warehouse - Site name’.

Right now I have to create almost identical base templates with just the title block for every app. Is there a less repetitive way?

cc: @ru @pbx

At this point, the only thing I miss in @Tusky is the ability to auto-set reply visibility to something different from the global toot visibility. Use case: normal toots are globally visible by default, replies are unlisted by default. Any chance that this will be implemented? :blobcateyes:

Could anyone recommend an instance focused on Video / Film creators?

How do you organize your files, Fediverse?

I have accumulated lots of stuff over the years: photos and videos, school and university documents, job files, private development projects, video projects, music, screenshots — all of which I want to keep backed up.

The problem I have is the directory structure. How would you organize all this so that stuff is always easy to find and duplicates won’t spawn?

I’ve tried Johnny.Decimal, and it didn’t work for me. Do you have other ideas?

If you're a decent software engineer, your assumptions will be:
- "everyone uses dialup over a shitty phone line that goes to one of those electromechanical telephone exchanges from 60s" instead of "the internet is fast enough these days"
- "everyone MAYBE has 8 GB of storage on their phone, half of which is taken by the OS" instead of "storage is cheap and 100 MB per app is okay, grow up, it's {{ current_year }}"
- "your user won't give a shit about your 'developer experience' and how 'beautiful' your code is" instead of "Kotlin and React and Electron are required, no one uses raw platform APIs/native controls/whatever anymore because it's so EASY to develop with all these new abstractions"

Any recommendations on lightweight and open-source e-book readers for ? EPUB and FB2 are a must, as well as dark mode and font size adjustment. I don't care about other features, really :D

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