Which phone/OS do you use and why?

LOS as it's most privacy-centric than other OS available in my phone.

@kylethedeveloper Android on a Pixel 2 XL because I am not yet ready to live without some finance apps. I use fdroid and try to degoogle it.

@kylethedeveloper I use LineageOS, I'm still rocking a OnePlus One :)

Why? There's no real alternatives to LOS, and I'm not buying a new phone until this one doesn't work. At the time it was a flagship phone at a good price.

@Matter I'm on OnePlus 5 with LineageOS, but I never managed to get GPS working. Is your phone's GPS functional?

@gxtony yup, a bit slow but that's to be expected since it doesn't have Galileo support etc.

@gxtony once it has a fix it's great though, but it can take like 10 minutes the first time

@Matter I tested it outdoor today, gps fixed under 30 sec. I guess it's hardware problems them.

@gxtony Yeah once the GPS has a general idea of where you are, subsequent fixes are pretty fast.

If you have gapps installed it can use wifi SSID to get instant locks, there are also location providers that do similar things on F-Droid but I don't need GPS that often, and when I do I have time to get an initial lock

@kylethedeveloper because I can disassemble and assemble it completly. That's always fun at parties. I use the Fairphone OpenOS (Android without Google) but I could also use LinageOS, Ubuntu Touch or Sailfish on the phone if want.πŸ˜€

@kylethedeveloper I've got a Samsung Galaxy with Android. I refuse to pay for an iPhone and def don't want a Windows phone. Plus, Android is linux and isn't that cool?

@wileECoyote well, considering all of the Google shenanigans working in the background, I don't think it's cool to use Google Android.
I was thinking it was a few years ago but now, not so much ☺️

@kylethedeveloper Ughh, this is so inconvenient. I think I knew some of that. We'll see what I do with this refresher.... Thanks for the link.


I use a Moto One Zoom with the stock rom, since I dont have a private phone

@kylethedeveloper recently installed grapheneOS. I had a locked pixel 3 that I had to get replaced. They gave me an unlocked model, so I was able to install a new ROM. Didn't have to look to hard to find out about graphene. I decided to take a plunge and fell in love with the simplicity of it.

@kylethedeveloper The Fairphone 2 with Fairphone Open, since it is a sustainably sourced, or they do at least try to be, phone. You get parts for it on their site, as long as Qualcomm produces the processor it's build on.
They try to make the OS run on it the longest they can with security updates.
And the ungoogle Fairphone Open OS because it's freed from all the Play-crap, but still runs Android apps.
Sailfish and other OS run, too, but with less apps.

@kylethedeveloper Before that I had and ZTE Open C for Firefox OS, which I really liked, but most websites where not much use since they weren't webapps.


I currently use a Nexus 5 with Ubuntu Touch. I have a Pinephone Braveheart that I will be switching to once an OS becomes more mature. I do so because privacy and security are my priority over fancy hardware or convenience.

@kylethedeveloper Pixel 3 with GrapheneOS.

I really wish I got the 3a instead I had no idea this thing had no headphone jack. Just running GrapheneOS because when I got the phone there were no custom roms that did not have Google Apps preinstalled (xda-developers is a bunch of google sellouts now, apparently). Because of that, I don't have root, but at least I don't need it (since no apps are proprietary, with DRM or ads) and nobody else has root on my phone like Google or Samsung.

I just wish my 6P had lasted longer so I could have gotten the new fairphone, but ironically the battery died and couldn't be replaced.

I use a blackberry key2 with android because I need my physical keyboard.

@kylethedeveloper I switch between an iPhone 8 and a OnePlus 7 Pro. I like both OSs and mostly use programs that are platform agnostic.

@kylethedeveloper I run CrDroid(based on AOSP, Lineage OS ) on my Xiaomi Mi9, with microG, Magisk and TWRP. I still use some non opensource stuff, that's why microG needed.
Waiting for Pinephone to be honest, it's going to be awesome! :ablobcool:

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