Giving Mastodon a try. First thing is you got to change from toot's to post. Toots is just stupid I'm sorry. Otherwise, so far so good.

@kylepat I mean, "tweets" is much more ridiculous when you think about it. Proboscideans are so much cooler than a stupid bird 🤷

@Matter @kylepat tweets actually makes more sense since twitters logo is a bird and birds tweet to communicate. The toots thing is not a deal breaker but if you want people to take it seriously, it’s kinda hard to do that when you think in order to communicate you have to do something that means releasing air from your ass.

@kylepat It makes just as much sense as a mastodon tooting, that's what mastodons do (like elephants)

I have never, ever, heard anyone say "toot" to mean farting, only in regards to a horn or similar instruments, or in regards to an elephant. I'm sure tweeting meant something obscene in some place as well 🤷

@Matter @kylepat Tooting to refer to passing gas is not obvious to non native English speakers and the fediverse is made up of people from around the world. The creator of mastodon (Eugen Rochko) is from Germany.

@jiminycricket @Matter @kylepat I didn't know that "toot" could be a synonym of "fart". Everyday I learn something new.

@kylepat An introduction that insults the community. Keep working on that personality!

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