Learned how to install :vim: plugins using the vim-plug tool and damn does it make it so nice and easy to customize and make it my own.

Happy 25th birthday to Windows 95!

It's not Linux or FOSS of any kind, but its design metaphors heavily influenced nearly every desktop interface to come after.

It (or one of its later W9x descendants) were also the first OS for a large number of people, including the person writing this toot 😊.


Finally gave Vim a try today. Actually like it. Will have to keep using it. :vim:

LibreOffice 7.0 includes many under-the-hood technical improvements, such as the Skia graphics engine with Vulkan support. Thanks to Luboš Luňák, CollaboraOffice and AMD for making it happen! Learn more: collaboraoffice.com/success-st

They are finally putting in fiber internet in my apartment which soon means bye bye Spectrum, no one likes you.

Ever since 2016, I don't take anything for granted.. Vote like your ballot could change the outcome.


Giving Mastodon a try. First thing is you got to change from toot's to post. Toots is just stupid I'm sorry. Otherwise, so far so good.


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