I upgraded to 34 (beta) recently. I am loving 40 so far on my laptop. :)

I'm going to wait a couple of days. I will switch to Fedora 34 when I back everything up.


@TheEvilSkeleton Ooooh, I might just do that! Is it stable enough for daily usage?

@kvuj For me, everything works except my microphone. Whenever I try to record my voice, it won't work anymore. Other than that, it has been working no problem, but mileage may vary.

Since I switched to Fedora Silverblue 34 today, I can just boot into images of older versions of Silverblue, e.g. 33, so if something makes my experience unusable, I can always use an older version.

But as I said, mileage may vary. It might not work for you since it is still on a beta version.

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