" printing was designed and implemented by people working to preserve the rainforest by making it utterly impossible to consume paper." - Athas

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@kurb42 Check out tools like# bectl (in base) and #beadm (in ports) on FreeBSD. They let you manage your boot environments on #ZFS so if the update process does go to plan then you can always boot into the system version from before the update.

i'm trying to use as my main editor, but i can't remember keybinds

after 's install:

# freebsd-update fetch install
# portsnap fetch extract
# reboot

# tzsetup
# vi /etc/rc.conf
+ntpd_enable="YES" +ntpd_sync_on_start="YES"
# service ntpd start

# pkg install xorg
# pw groupmod video -m <user> && pw groupmod wheel -m <user>
# vi /boot/loader.conf


# pkg install xfce xfce4-goodies xfce4-mixer
% vi ~/.xinitrc
+exec startxfce4
% startx

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The #OpenBSD webzine issue #2 is online!

It's dedicated to OpenBSD 7.0 released today :)


i'm using in bare metal! well, the 's in general are quite close to "pure" , so the choice to try substituting .

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Firefox is horrible until you compare it to the rest

i'm seriously thinking about going back to using flutter to develop mobile apps.

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brow.sh it seems to be an interesting project, but having firefox as it depended on makes it bad in my opinion. the tip i give is to mitigate firefox...

hello, it's me again! have you stopped to think about so many who pretend to care about the and security of the user? ok, it's not always really the messenger's fault, or the protocol it uses.
we'll stick .im as an example today. good status uses the blockchain... let's see the eth is tracked, this is a disaster for privacy and security.
we have to look at the side of the encryption used in the messages as well, things like: who has the keys is a good example.

From: Rob Pike <robpike@gma...>
Subject: Q: moving directories? hard links?
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 11:56:

-0700 On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 11:17 AM, Skip Tavakkolian


> Linux has slowly become Windows-lite Except for the lite part.

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This video managed to kill my procrastination and demotivation in thirst for learning, basically gave me motivation.
I almost forgot something... the video is only available in pt_BR.


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As many people noticed, www.openbsd.org is down

my mirror is still update twice a day since it's up


People in charge of the website are aware of the issue.

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@kurb42 @wholesomedonut @session they focus heavily on blockchain and some token scheme, from which their foundation gets financial benefit.

I tried engaging with them once but was not able to get a clear answer on how exactly is it better than what Tor does, privacy wise, nor why exactly blockchain was necessary for creating a peer-to-peer IM and audio/video calls system (something that Tox was able to do without blockchain half a decade ago).

Smells fishy to me, tbh.

@session? This instant messenger seems to be a joke, or at least its website, first that the website basically uses cloudflare, what the service claims (P2P and E2E), stop being real claims. The service itself does not seem to be bad, but cloudflare spoils everything where it goes!

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