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@uint8_t @neil rich people wanting to maintain feudalistic divisions of class and social structures to keep uppity serfs from rising above their station.

@davey my desktop PC has an i5-4570k, 16GB of RAM, an nVidia GTX-680, a 240GB SSD as its system drive, one 500GB SSD for /home and one 500GB SSD for my games. Additionally there's a 1.8TB HDD for bulk storage.

Nothing *needs* to be updated as everything runs fine, but if I were to change anything I'd swap the GTX for whatever AMD card I feel is affordable to get better driver support under Linux.

@trebach @davey I haven't tried that particular game, but I don't think I've gone over 8 GB of RAM in any game I've tried on my rig. I run an extremely light setup though; with Steam and Spotify up as well as my background services it uses around 1.5GB before I launch any game.

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Really been enjoying the PyBites challenges in the Humble "Level Up Your Python" Bundle. Can be had for as low as $1 USD at the moment.

I've also previously enjoyed the video courses from Talk Python, and there are three of those included in the top level of the bundle.

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10 years ago I started using ad blockers because I thought ads were annoying. Now I think that's the _least_ important reason to use them.

I think we should call them "browser firewalls." That more accurately describes their purpose.

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danah boyd: "Accountability without transformation is simply spectacle... [Change] requires everyone to hold each other accountable, but also to aim for reconciliation not simply retribution."

(Link CW: mention of abuse)

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If a website doesn't function on a browser other than Chrome or with content blocking on, it loses me as a visitor. I am tired of web developers being clumsy -- prompting that we won't serve content because you block ads is one thing. A nonfunctional website reeks callousness.

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Open source projects which lack licenses are quite annoying.

Please license your project, otherwise it's not FOSS and you shouldn't be calling it as such. Even small things like shell scripts and Vim themes require licenses to be FOSS.

License your code, please.

@electricsand @codesections @davey Proton is Valve's name for their Linux compatibility library for Steam, it enables most games to work under Linux.

Anarchy Linux is an Arch-based distribution.

@codesections @davey is nice because their MHWD tool is class at setting you up with a kernel and graphics drivers, but any -based distro is going to work just as well if you accept a little more work in getting the right drivers (e.g. knowing which ones to install).

I've played games using Proton on Arch, Manjaro, Anarchy Linux, and Artix. Not a bother.

@ndegruchy @codesections on Android I recommend Red Reader. Looks just like classic reddit.

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The Nim programming language is now yet another member of the club 😁 welcome!

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Still think both Rogue One and Solo are underrated Star Wars films. They are the most fun I have had with the current batch of Star Wars from Disney.

@boblmartens I love both of them. Rogue One is a Star Wars-themed war movie and Solo is again a Star Wars-themed heist movie.

What's not to love? I'll watch Star Wars-themed anything all day long and be happy.

@jvalleroy I load it up before I go to bed so I can just turn it on in the morning when I get up. Life pro tip, it's almost as good as someone else making it for you.

GPL vs BSD licenses: 

@ohyran @neb reading the thread people are saying that the Windows license is better than the GPL because the GPL is not free in their opinion. That's just up the walls.

The GPL is optimizing for different freedoms than BSD-licenses, that doesn't make either of them more or less free than the other.

GPL vs BSD licenses: 

@ohyran @neb hear hear! The GPL is working as intended by using the system to protect what its adherents consider essential freedoms. It's unreasonable to think they can change or abolish the system, and even if they could it's so far down the line that if it weren't for the GPL we'd suffer in our freedom in the meantime. Which the doesn't want, obviously.

You're not the arbiter of what are acceptable freedoms.

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GPL vs BSD licenses: 

@neb but its not a mess - its actually working. The difference between GPL and the BSD license is that one had a focus on Copyleft, the other had a focus free-to-use.

Libre Software IS an ideological standpoint by default. As is Open Source - its just two differently flavoured ideologies.

The idea that politics are only viable or correct if happening within the parliamentarian democratic system is if anything scarier than anything either camp could cook up.

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Curate your own Fediverse 

You can:

* Use filters liberally to remove posts that annoys you
* Mute or block other people or bots who get boosted into your timeline if you don't want to see them again
* Try to remember to not click on CW's for stuff that will leave you feeling worse
* Unfollow

And you never have to explain why

You can do so for reasons that are entirely "selfish" or "petty"

E.g. "Their jokes were crass so I muted them"

Make the Fediverse a place that's good for you

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> People tell me to not reinvent the wheel, but I vastly prefer to reinvent a small wheel than to create a whole new big truck.


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