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Please remember that #Git is by nature distributed. So when migrating from (for example) #GitHub to (for example) #GitLab please, please, please do NOT create a brand new repository and git add the files, or the entire commit history will be lost. Instead, just push the existing repository to your new hosting service.

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@sir one thing I find sorely lacking from most discussions about performance and optimization is tolerances and big-picture thinking.

If your thing runs once a month unsupervised, maybe it's fine if it takes 15 minutes instead of 15 seconds. If it's run once a minute it ought to not pin one of your cores. If someone is waiting on the results interactively, runtime matters way more than for a cronjob and so on.

Most just talk about how to unroll a loop...

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The Hourglass team wants your feedback! We're making a project manager for . What features do you want to see in Hourglass? What do you think of our new mockups?

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Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know! #art #illustration #mastoart

@jasondunsmore @gxtony did managers dream up Electron? A bajillion JS frameworks? Software was doing fine as a business before those things when making a desktop program meant writing some Win32 API or at best using a toolkit that hid the worst of that from you. You think managers at Microsoft were full of chill prior to the ship date of Win2K or were they maybe crunching like bastards?

Don't punt the blame to the higher ups. The industry as a whole is to blame for this.

@gxtony yeah so? It doesn't have to be like that is my point. Spotify being slow is not a function of tcp connections being made, any Electron app is slow even fully offline.

Things are slow because developers don't care enough about making them fast.

@pykekaisora use a tool like ps_mem or htop to see where the memory is going?


This resonates so much with me. Why aren't things better now? The first PC we bought in my house had a 133MHz Pentium, 64 or 128MB RAM (honestly can't remember) and a 6GB HDD. My graphics card today has 8GB *RAM*. I use a Ryzen 3700 @ 3.6GHz with 16 logical cores. That's so far beyond my first PC it's not even funny, yet opening Spotify takes half of forever when WinAmp opened in a fraction of a second 20(!) years ago.

Things aren't getting better like they should.

@thor @faoluin @tinytoydragon @lyskar IRC is popular.

None of the arguments put forth to defend Slack are coming at it from the perspective of "the non-techie masses" needing a chat solution, it's all stuff that's really only relevant for techies.

Non-techies have solutions for this already in the form of any of a number of IMs with group features. WhatsApp beats Slack hands down as a chat-for-everyone solution. Why not promote that?

@thor @faoluin @tinytoydragon @lyskar tl;dr: people are using Slack and Discord wrong by "needing" all these features.

Non-ephemeral discussions should be documented in meetings or via proper, persistent, protocols like email. Not on glorified IRC.

@thor @faoluin @tinytoydragon @lyskar 1 and 3 aren't as problematic as you make them out to be.

For 2, consider that a chat like this is essentially ephemeral and does not need push notifications. If you desperately need it, there are solutions (e.g. bouncers).

As for 4, these are just chatrooms. You're overthinking it with ACLs. Stand up a private server in your company if you need restricted access.

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@tinytoydragon @lyskar
1998: IRC? lol anon, why don't you use ICQ instead, it's much better.
2002: IRC? lol anon, just install MSN, stop being such a nerd.
2006: IRC? lol anon, with Skype you can make phone calls for free.
2010: IRC? lol anon, Chat is all you need, everybody is there already.
2014: IRC? lol anon, you should try WhatsApp, you can even send voice messages.
2018: IRC? lol anon, that's prehistoric! you should checkout Discord and Slack, so much better.

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“Said” is one of the few invisible words in the English language and is almost impossible to overuse. It is much less distracting than “he retorted,” “she inquired,” “he ejaculated,” and other oddities.

- Turkey City Lexicon

@sean you know, most of the time "breaking news" doesn't really mean breaking news.

When do you ever read things in the news that you just had to know at that moment? Active shooter scenarios in your area? Yeah that's breaking news. Unexpected tornados or flash floods? Or massive power outages? That stuff is all breaking news.

Everything else is just... News. You can read about it later when it's outside the paywalls.

@Gina what do the letters signify in the grading system? Are they just offering more granular gradings? E.g. 7a is harder than 7 but easier than 7b.

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