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One of the arguments for "intelligent design" takes as an example a simple banana, and explains how it's just the right size for eating, the right color to easily spot it, easy to peel with human hands, etc. — and that it all can't be just a coincidence. Someone could point out that we evolved the eyes and hands for the banana, and not the other way around. But that would be a mistake. I will instead point out that the modern banana was indeed designed by humans. Behold the wild one (a banana for scale).

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For all those who are interested in both rocketry and game development you might want to check out Open Space Program. They're developing a 3D space flight simulator.

It is very early in development, but has some interesting design concepts and some frameworks in place.


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Thank you, local library, for quickly facilitating me loaning this book!
A real edition from -88!

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In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act!

@fenomenologen jag har en teori om att allting är mandatperiodernas fel. Allting man gör från politiskt håll måste betala sig innan nästa val för att partierna inte vågar riskera dålig PR under nästa valkampanj.

Spenderar ett parti för mycket pengar och samhället inte ser någon vinst innan nästa val så åker det partiet ut. Det är därför vi aldrig ser projekt med den rätta omfattningen i den offentliga sektorn: de hinner inte betala sig snabbt nog.

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Would anyone be interested in hearing about our adventure? We''re a feminist non-profit in the midst of migrating from Windows to : servers and desktops! We try to be as as possible, for ethical, security and privacy reasons.

@bigl0af license aside, it would be easier to de-RMS phones and computers than removing any other given piece of software. There are plenty of non-GNU alternatives for the GNU tools, not so for kernels, curl, etc.

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Change is hard. RMS has stepped down from the FSF and MIT. He's done great good and great harm. This is a massive win for diversity and inclusion. All credit to the brave people who spoke up and took risk to help get the right thing done. Show the FSF you support this change and the mission of their organization independent of any individual's actions by becoming a member. my.fsf.org/join

@OpenComputeDesign I have fortunately missed such comments, but yeah those are way over the line. He's said a bunch of things ranging from merely tasteless to outright offensive, but none of it has been illegal so he should in no way to go jail over what we know he's said so far.

Burning people is also not a good look. If you do something illegal it's for the courts to decide and take action, everyone else can be angry and leave it at that.

@masterofthetiger @meonkeys there's this for example:


Being turbo sexist is a way to control women in your space, which goes against diversity and inclusion.

@OpenComputeDesign freedom of speech applies to the government trying to shut you up, not organisations like the FSF booting people out over statements they feel are troublesome.

Particularly in the case of the , you can't divorce statements from that of the , and they quite understandably don't want to be associated with the kinds of things he's been saying.

It's also not the first time. No way would he have been axed if this was the one and only time he put his foot in it.

@jamie @mike is this the first time it coincides with another major story (the Epstein case) and also in a post- world? I think it is, and I think that makes all the difference.

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What's the saying? Slow motion train wreck.

Also, people seem to forget it was not the first RMS controversy.

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@craigmaloney @jalcine @emacsen I'm very uncharitable about this, I see it as a lot of people who are more comfortable being in solidarity with creepy dudes than with child sex-crime victims, which is a real good look, nerds

@kensanata I think it's a reflection on how people react to the barrage of negativity in (social) media. You can't fix it so newspapers write about feelgood shit, so you look at cats and dogs being cats and dogs (a.k.a awesome) to make yourself feel better.

Then you start sharing it on social media to spread the wealth.

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I think the quantity of cat and dog and bird posts I see are a sign of people longing to post positive things. It’s hard to post about good news because it doesn’t get reported widely. And so the good news we post is always private: the food we eat, the friends we meet, the things we see, and most of that we do using pictures because we’re not too good talking about our feelings. Anyway, make sure to follow the right amount of positive posters. Cat pictures for mental health, so to say.

@davey I don't encrypt my local data. My desktop doesn't leave my house so you'd need physical access to get at the data, and if you're in my house looking for my data then that's a way different threat model than what I need to worry about.

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