ActivityPub is the new .com biz and/or new crypto ICO and/or new buzzword you can show people while keeping your actual project slightly out of view so that morons will think that it's amazing and The Future because it involves $technology which is Uniformly Good

The cold hard truth of it is that ActivityPub is bad for almost all use-cases, and not great for the exceptions

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@sir I think the worst is that people are speaking about:
- ActivityPub based on Mastodon UX
- git based on GitHub
- email based on epicly broken shits
- web based on (Firefox|Chrome)
- Matrix based on on a powerful machine

@lanodan that people don't realize they're neck deep in horse shit when they decide to settle down and build a new house on top of it is a major problem in computers

@lanodan we have the absolute worst standards of any engineering discipline, we have a million poorly educated programmers using toy hammers and orbital lasers to build bridges out of popsicle sticks and children's toys out of refined uranium and everything is on fire and WHY ARE WE OKAY WITH THIS


@sir @lanodan imagine if any other business accepted the things software engineering accepts?

"Yeah sometimes your car doors just won't open. Restart it and see if that helps".

"We couldn't make this fridge run on the west coast power grid so we shipped it together with a complete miniature power grid that the user can dock into their kitchen."

"I know this microwave uses 4000W but have you seen the pretty UI?"

@kungtotte @sir Microwave one could actually happen for the smart version.

My kind of microwave is no microwave or the two-knobs one. (also my gaz stove is an hierloom one that is off the grid)
@kungtotte @sir @lanodan
that last example is literally how modern fridges work
less exaggerated, but still
the type of fridges we use most (french door, pull-out freezer on the bottom, single heat pump) is *the* most energy inefficient design available
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