I'm curious.

How much money do you pay for real hard news per month (not social media, not cable news, no trade publications).

Do let me know in replies what you subscribe to.

Poll is USD but if your currency is different, please reply with your response.

@karan Follow-up question: do you believe you should need to pay for the news?


In my fantasy world, you needn't pay for anything.

In the real world though, you need to pay for movies, or music, or furniture, or food. So my question is why wouldn't you pay for news.


@karan It's an interesting point. Thing is all of your examples except for food are entertainment. Then again most "news" is nothing but entertainment since it is a biased and opinionated version of current events. Maybe that should be a clue about what is really going on.


Some movies you (legally) watch will be horrible. You still pay for them.

Why can't the same be true for news? It's a business after all, and I know no one who doesn't consume their product.

I agree that a lot of news is garbage, but local, independent news is pretty solid.

@karan @WhoNeedszZz sometimes I watch a movie or a show and it'll be terrible, that's true. On Netflix that's amortized with all the good stuff I watch. I didn't pay $10 for a bad show, I paid $10 for -all- the shows I watch. I also get to pick what I want to see.

With news there's no balancing "good news" factor, and I have no say in what they show me. I pay $10 for the news and I can wind up with a month's worth of absolutely shit news (both quality of reporting and subject matter).


@karan @WhoNeedszZz Netflix is also entirely ad free and runs perfectly on all three platforms I consume it on (smart TV, Android, Linux desktop).

Print and digital magazines are chock full of ads and their websites are bloated behemoths of JS fuckery. News radio around here is relegated to headline blurbs twice an hour between ads and shitty music. On TV you don't endure ads during the newscast but it's not high quality reporting at all, looping what amounts to stock footage while (cont.) 2/n

@karan @WhoNeedszZz ... spouting uninformed opinions about whatever is going on instead of delivering actual information to the public.

I absolutely agree that we need quality journalism as a balance to government and corporations to keep them in line, and I'd probably pay for it if the option existed.

It doesn't exist today though. Good journalists are extremely rare and the delivery of the news is a shit show as I mentioned before.

Steam, Spotify, and Netflix are killing it right now. 3/n

@karan @WhoNeedszZz And they got big by building the platform first and offering the customers something that was better than the alternatives. They didn't require users to pay up front against promises of content down the line, they put the content up first and said "this costs $10 a month for an ad-free quality experience". (Slightly different in the case of Steam, but you know what I mean).

tl;dr: don't expect people to pay unless you're selling something worthwhile.

@kungtotte @WhoNeedszZz humor me - do you read any news? What sources do you trust for your news?

Whatever those sources are, would you pay them?

@karan @WhoNeedszZz I read the news every day, and I don't trust any of them individually. I read several sources to see what facts are shared across all sources, and only trust those facts to be reasonably accurate. Especially if two politically opposed sources agree on something; those things are most likely to be true.

I wouldn't pay any of the sources I commonly read as it stands now, because of the terrible UX of their web pages and the lack of quality reporting.

@kungtotte @WhoNeedszZz your opinion isn't uncommon. Mine is that you are consuming a product every day but not paying for it.

If you really don't trust sources or the ux, what's stopping you from not reading that news?


@karan @WhoNeedszZz I consider news and information to be vital to both me as an individual and society as a whole. An uniformed public is an easily duped public.

That's why I don't stop reading the news (my primary source of news consumption is reading it; it's on demand and more informationally dense than TV or radio).

I'm not opposed to paying for it, but I will not pay for it in the form its offered today.

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