Just found out that Sweden once had emergency storage of food, water, medicine, fuel, and gas masks enough to last the entire population for 6-12 months in the event of war or natural disasters. I mostly knew that part.

I didn't know they had a whole system of making sure it was kept fresh and usable, which is great obviously, but crucially it only cost 20 SEK per person and year. That's around ~2 EUR/USD, or a total of around 200 million SEK at current population levels.

As a frame of reference our budget is 1000 billion SEK per year.

200 million/1000 billion = 0.02% of our national yearly budget to practically be immune to things like COVID19.

It was all scrapped in favour of the free market, which was supposed to provide these things for us instead.

Good thing that worked out!

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@kungtotte Finland is the only country that kept that system running.

And it's been useful the past few weeks (:

@kungtotte Whoa...sounds very efficient. And is this system still around?

@ashwinvis they did things like rotate stored medicine out of storage and made it available through pharmacies, then stocked up fresh ones for long term storage. Pharmacies were state run so it was easy to orchestrate, if one pharmacy needed a refill of painkillers they placed an order and the government would just fill it from emergency stores instead of the factory.

But yeah like you said, go go neoliberalism!

@kungtotte They scrapped in the 90s because, you know, it was all cool and let's spend that money on something less important.

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