So I'm working on a static site generator for myself and I was curious about the generated page weight. A blank page with no content with the associated style.css weighs in at 2863 bytes. (Yes, bytes, not kilobytes)

Only CSS, HTML5, and an inlined blank favicon. Using semantic and accessible elements and styling, it's got nearly perfect a11y scores and renders well both on desktop and mobile and looks (IMO) quite good.

The web doesn't have to be bloated. Fight the bloat!

@kungtotte Wait... blank page weights almost 3 MB and it's not bloat?!

@sanchez read again :)

Its 2800 bytes (2.8 kilobytes) :)

@sanchez I think that tells us everything about web bloat :D I clearly said bytes and reiterated that it was not kilobytes, but we're all so conditioned to bloat that your brain didn't comprehend me.

@kungtotte Yes! It's so common now for sites to have several megabytes that 3MB looks like normal (but not for blank site apparently ;D).

@kungtotte Me stupid. You've even accented it's in bytes and I still counted wrong. I'm sorry. 2.8 kilobytes is very nice size. Good work! 👌

@kungtotte I remember back when I wrote my first web page (so long ago it's crazy to think about), a friend of mine said some rather coarse things about me because I included a 26K image. The whole page was less than 50K images included, and still the whining! By today's standards, that's ridiculously sleek!

@mike Roboto-Regular.ttf is 154.9K as a frame of reference :)

Needless to say, my stylesheet does not specify any web fonts, it uses only built in font families and falls back to whatever the user has selected.

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