Considering as next desktop OS for my Dell XPS 13 9343. Does anybody have a qualified opinion and/or experience with it?

I am looking for a rolling release cycle without systemd and void seems to fit. Desktop will be lightweight and tiling (awesomewm), the rest mainly CLI tooling.

@kopfkind I run (again) with as my daily driver. It works great by and large. Occasionally you have a snag with libressl vs openssl, there's fewer packages than many other distros but most things are there. It's easy to roll your own install from a minimal base or start with a full ISO.

Can't tell you about HW support though as I've only tried it on this machine.

@kungtotte Thanks for the infos! How much effort is keeping the system up to date?

I've run in the past and felt it to be quite high-maintenance - with the need to upgrade all packages at least once a week and I occasional issues with dependencies breaking.

Since is also a rolling distro, is that similar or less tedious?


@kopfkind it's less maintenance than (which is arch-based). If you want to keep it up to date you'll have to run the update command every so often.

handles infrequent updates better than , you can do it once a month only if you prefer. Updates are quick and painless, and you can set it up to download but not install any packages, so when you're ready to actually install updates you won't have to wait for downloads.

Updating once a week takes 5 minutes.

@kungtotte Great insights, thank you! I'll give it a test drive one of the coming weekends!

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