A number of hospitals here in Sweden are announcing states of emergency due to lack of medical supplies. Scheduled non-emergency surgeries are postponed, etc.

What happened, you ask? Natural disaster? Mass shootings depleting supplies? Theft?!

No, they switched suppliers and the new one can't deliver.

I bet they were cheaper though! Go !

@kungtotte They are usually not even cheaper - during the privatization boom the ideal was that it would be a free market - what they didn't account for was that sellers are more interested in profit than ideals (which is ok, thats how companies work).
Take supplies to Karolinska for example - suddenly ALL suppliers started hiking the prices, at the same time and they got too little equipment, a tad too late, that cost about 10 times as much as self-controlled supplies would.

@ohyran yeah, I have a permanent palm-shaped bruise on my face after discussing privatisation with people when they suggest that it will lower prices.

Like, do you even know what the purpose of a company is? It's to make a profit. Why would they ever lower prices instead of hiking them as far as the market will bear? It looks cheaper on paper though, that's the key point.

Same reason antidepressants are prescribed for everything instead of psychotherapy: cheaper on paper.

@kungtotte Man blir lite besvärad och beklämd. MEN nu hoppas jag att detta leder till att vi vågar ta tag i problemet. Jag önskar mer tydliga signaler som inte går att undvika.

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