everyone! I'm on now instead of , but I'm still rocking my setup. I'm also back to using even for my WM since it's the one true colourscheme :)

Full size: i.vgy.me/lHfWJe.png


@iah I do share my dotfiles, yeah :)


I should probably write down a list of software you'd need to run this out of the box. The big ones would be xst, rofi, awesome (duh), feh, and fish. That makes for a usable system with my dotfiles, then some other tools are needed for full functionality like screenshots and transparency/compositing.

@kungtotte thanks a bunch! I will try to use it on my x220 ThinkPad.

@iah using it on a single screen you'll want to tweak rc.lua a bit. Particularly in the screens/layouts sections, and the rules section to avoid issues with it trying to index a screen that doesn't exist :)

You might want to increase the number of tags too :)

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