In light of the recent events on this instance and the way I've seen everyone act (so far) in response to it, I've decided to double my Patreon contribution to show my support for the instance and the people that run it and try their best to make it a nice corner of the Fediverse.

And I think it has always been, and still is, a very nice corner of the Fediverse. People behave well enough here that we don't even *need* a CoC.

So thanks Kev, Mike, and the moderator team for the job you do here.

@kev @kungtotte What recent events are you referring to? 🤔

@naavis @kev in a nutshell: @kev expressed an opinion that some people on the Fediverse where too sensitive and overreact to things that aren't that bad in the grand scheme of things.

The Fediverse then proceeded to prove his point by being too sensitive and overreacting to his toot, calling for de-federation, public apologies, moving to other instances and calling Kev and Fosstodon by implication a hotbed of oppressive fascists.

@kungtotte @kev Ah. So I didn't really miss anything important then. 🙈

Yeah I saw that. I had thought to myself "haven't seen much of that myself" when I first saw the post. Then I saw the comments. Was completely blown away at the responses, and not in a good way. 😛
@naavis @kev

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