I want to tell y'all something I love about .

We're small (<1000 weekly users), but we have a *huge* team of moderators: hub.fosstodon.org/about/the-te There are six of us—more than the team a mastodon.social!

That means that we pretty much always have *somebody* around to moderate.

It also means that no one person speaks for the whole instance. We have a whole team devoted to enforcing our CoC. We might not always agree, but we're all working to make welcoming for everyone

@codesections kev has made it quite clear that he is not, in fact, working to make fosstodon welcoming for everyone. Kick him out or shut up.


I disagree.

I disagree with many statements Kev has made in his *personal* capacity. But I also see him—and others—working hard to keep the site running well.

And my broader point is that, since there are six of us, you don't *need* to agree with any one person to be safe and welcome

@codesections a person who disagrees with your own code of conduct is not fit to moderate in accordance with that code of conduct.

Kev's statements make it clear that he doesn't buy into your code of conduct.

If you have him on your mod team at all, you have demonstrated your priorities, and I cannot trust you.

@codesections furthermore, those statements were from his main account, weren't they? How is anyone supposed to tell that they were "personal"?

@LogicalDash @codesections he never made any specific mention of it being in his capacity as admin, didn't say anything about this affecting the admin/moderation of the instance, and he put it behind a CW. If you want to claim that we can't tell it was personal, then I claim just as much evidence that we can't tell it was an admin toot.

Also I fail to see how he is disagreeing with the COC. He was stating an opinion about other people's behaviour.

@kungtotte @codesections
Examples of unacceptable behavior by Fosstodon users include:

Personal attacks
Trolling or insulting/derogatory comments
Public or private oppressive language or actions

Telling someone their opinions on their oppression don't matter is itself oppressive; people consider particular forms of language to be oppressive; Kev thinks that doesn't matter; therefore Kev is being oppressive.

@kungtotte @codesections * specifically, /oppressed/ people consider particular forms of language to be oppressive

@kungtotte @codesections

Insulting someone you don't like for their taste in music or whatever, using inappropriate language: offensive

Expressing irritation, however polite, at the things trans people do to get people to gender them correctly: oppressive

@LogicalDash @codesections and do you feel like Kev was speaking out against gendering people correctly? If you think that's true I think you need to take a step back from everything and take a few minutes for yourself before you re-read his toot and see if he actually said that or if your feelings on the matter made you think he said that.

In fact, he never once spoke at all about genders or trans people, so that's something you've added based on your interpretation of his toot.

@LogicalDash @codesections and that, in a nutshell, is the problem.

You are going off of your interpretation and ascribing behaviour and intent to Kev and judging him based on that interpretation.

How is that fair or reasonable?

@kungtotte @codesections I don't give a shit about Kev's intent. I care about his effect.

He did something oppressive and didn't give any indication that he understood why it was oppressive. He's probably going to keep doing that. What's going on in his head? No clue, but he can't be a good moderator while he's like this.


@LogicalDash @codesections and I disagree with you that what he did was oppressive. Which takes us back to my previous point that I don't think he has violated the COC; neither the spirit or the letter of it.

And you not giving a shit about his intent and only caring about the effect is again reinforcing his point! You think that some people's feelings (yours and others') get to dictate what's true, and that's the end of the story.

@kungtotte @codesections Oppression isn't a feeling, but oppressed people still have the best perspective from which to judge it, because it affects them directly.

Trans people think it's oppressive to tell them it's silly to post their pronouns. Kev doesn't. But trans people's opinions on the oppression of trans people matter more.

A person who doesn't agree to that is not fit to decide for the instance what constitutes oppression.

@kungtotte @codesections I'm cis btw. The pronouns in my bio are for solidarity and because I'm not terribly committed to my gender.

@kungtotte @LogicalDash @codesections I don't think he violated your CoC in any posts that I saw. But he also pretty clearly said that he doesn't agree with it. How can you have a moderator who disagrees with, and presumably will not enforce, your code of conduct?

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