Seriouspost to other dudes--

One way to help trans people is being socially open with your own emotions. Talking about how things make you feel, or when things hurt you, really helps trans guys feel normal.

I really struggle a lot with feeling not-really-a-guy because something hurt me. You all being open is a reassuring example sometimes. 🙏🏼

@erosdiscordia Others have covered what I was going to say, most notably @sean and @bobstechsite so I'll add that these expectations are part of toxic masculinity and that unfortunately there are those who see expressing emotion and vulnerability as a weakness. Some see doing so as something to exploit, which is unfortunate.

It's actually why I have a locked-down alternate account on a different instance. I feel safer expressing my eotions there than I do on this public account.

@ND3JR @erosdiscordia @sean @bobstechsite it's a really vicious cycle. Growing up you're told in no uncertain terms that showing emotions is weak and that weakness is to be despised.

Yet many of the men around you *do* express emotions. Anger is chief among them, followed by hate and contempt. So we learn that our only acceptable outlet is anger.


@ND3JR @erosdiscordia @sean @bobstechsite so we all have anger management issues of some description, and we suppress every other emotion until it blows up into rage or erode us on the inside causing a host of mental issues.

This is a struggle for me as I am trying to grow emotionally at the age of 35, hoping to end the cycle with me and not pass it onto my son.

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