I use —and I love it from a user perspective.

But, since Microsoft announced the end of EdgeHTML, I've been wondering if I'm contributing to the browser-engine monoculture—after all, qutebrowser is, ultimately, based on Chromium. On the other hand, I'm keeping the actual browser market more diverse than if I switched to Firefox…

What do y'all think—is it better to use non-Blink browsers these days? If so, what's the best (esp. with vim keys)?
CC @the_compiler (qutebrowser dev)

@codesections [context: I use FF Nightly on all my devices]

I don't see an issue with Chromium - If Google try and do something evil, things can always be forked.

What concerns me more than Blink dominance is EME - Browser vendors have to ship a binary blob to support it. At least it's standardized and you don't have to install a billion browser plugins nowadays, though.

@half_cambodian_hacker_man @codesections what about the fact that they (Google) break their own sites so that they perform poorly in non-Blink browsers? If YouTube loads fast in Chrome but not in Edge or Firefox, that's a dark pattern to drive users to use Chrome.

The other thing is more and more sites outright breaking in non-Blink browsers because they only test for Chrome compliance. That would suck for the browser market.

@kungtotte I haven't found the performance *unusable* on Firefox on YouTube - the only reason YouTube loads slowly, as far as I know, is that the old version of Polymer.js that YouTube employs uses the ShadowDOM v0 API, which predates the standardized one. Firefox only started supporting Shadow DOM v1 in October 2018, anyway.

This should be fixed when YouTube upgrade their version of Polymer, but bumping the major version of a framework is hard, and has little business advantage.


@half_cambodian_hacker_man I was referring to this: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

I never said performance was unusable. I am however saying that Google's actions is an unacceptable use of their market position.

They provide some of the largest websites in the world *and* the most popular browser, and they've repeatedly shown what they think of user privacy (hint: not very much).

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