Can't tell you how pleased I am with Linux these days. I had to wipe my drive yesterday and start from scratch. So I moved some files from ~ to a separate drive to back them up, then I just wiped everything. After getting back online I simply did "yadm clone <gitlab url>", moved the files back to ~ and then "pacman -S --needed - < packages.txt" and bam! Everything was back in order.

@iah I did, and I might install it again, particularly on my laptop. But due to it shipping libreSSL by default and the small number of packages in the repos it turned out I had a hell of a time running some of the things I wanted.

@kungtotte Oh, I see. I haven't tried it much. Recently spinned up a vps on vultr. Would really love to try it on my desktop. But should the hassle with libressl be something bumming me out?

@iah most of what I wanted to do worked fine. Some things required some workarounds (annoying, but worked in the end) and some things flat out didn't work (some games).

Whether it's a problem for you depends on what you want to run, so it's really hard to say. Normal desktop and dev use should be fine.

@kungtotte yeah of course. But I think I just wanted to try it out. I really like it as a server. And thank god for runit.

@iah runit is my favourite part of Void. Super easy to work with and no hidden gotchas.

The package manager is also quite pleasant to use and I appreciate them splitting it into separate tools to keep the number of flags and switches down.


pacman -Qqe


xbps-query -l

Which one makes more sense for listing installed packages? :) Or cleaning up orphaned packages:

pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qtdq)


xbps-remove -o

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