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@iah I do share my dotfiles, yeah :)

I should probably write down a list of software you'd need to run this out of the box. The big ones would be xst, rofi, awesome (duh), feh, and fish. That makes for a usable system with my dotfiles, then some other tools are needed for full functionality like screenshots and transparency/compositing.

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@hund bullying is never okay. That goes for both sides; if I understand what I've been reading correctly, Stallman creates a hostile environment around him. So much so that his reinstatement has the other SFF volunteers ánd workers rebelling against it. (Leaving out everyone else.) It's blown up a lot, but that the SFF is seen as not a good place to volunteer with or to work together with should surely be discussed.

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#SverigesRadio Riksdagsskolkare ska kunna straffas med indraget arvode

Bra poänger om att det går att tappa förtroende med så mycket 'skolk'. I andra arbeten, eller studier, hade det inte gått att vara kvar med en del av den graden av frånvaro. Skulle vilja se #öppnadata om detta. Varför kallas det ens skolk och inte misskötsel av arbetsuppgifter?

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Early start to the stream tonight because we're all playing a new game: Valheim

The Valheim server is sharing a machine with the Owncast server, so let's see how this goes... 🤞

#live #stream #livestream #owncast #valheim #videogames
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Dropped Frames had just a nice talk about this survival game, called Valheim:

"A brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players, set in a procedurally-generated purgatory inspired by viking culture. Battle, build, and conquer your way to a saga worthy of Odin’s patronage!"

It's still early access, but it looks like it is very well polished already, and interestingly it is supported for Linux! So if you are interested check it out!

Another interesting thing is, that it uses the Unity engine, and the devs didn't forgot to push the "make a Linux version" button too. Yes, I know, that's not how game development works, but if Valheim has a Linux version, with some complex stuff in it, why we can't have a Magic the Gathering?

So, yeah, kudos for the publisher and the devs for supporting Linux. The game is 17 euros at the moment, and looks like worth it, as it stands at 96% approval rating from more than 17k people, after just one week.

#survival #games #valheim #earlyaccess #unity #linux #linuxsupport

A week ago I picked up Valheim ( when it hit Early Access on Steam, and I've been totally hooked thinking about how to improve my viking settlement, where to source mushrooms for my tamed boars until I can get a farm going, fighting off hoards of enemies and running from giant trolls.

Thoroughly recommend it, it's viking themed Minecraft 👍

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Just renewed our domain for another three years.

Long live #Linux and #LinuxGaming

Just out of curiosity I've been tracking the battery use and charging patterns of my new phone (Moto G Plus 5G). I've got it set to battery saving mode, but I'm not being conservative in using it, and it uses on average 26% battery between charges. I typically charge it once per day for 25-30 minutes, on two occasions I've had to charge it twice in a day (I keep it between 50 and 80%)

So 190 minutes of charging and 185% battery used since Saturday (Jan 30th). Not bad, Motorola 👍

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@hund I'm a little disappointed that you consider this "not a bright view".

The stock market is a horrible mass of perverse incentives that parasitises on our economic system. (Hyperbole.) Some problems include:

• Betting on bets, which apparently American people's retirement money's now in(‽);
• Trading votes in a company: stock traders want money, so publicly-traded companies have yet another incentive to turn evil;
• Algorithmic trading siphons money from the poor to the rich, on average.

I had a scare last week with my phone where it started pulling 45% battery overnight two nights in a row, and started thinking about replacing it.

Turns out the problem got fixed by restarting it, but it got me thinking that maybe I should get a new one while the old one still works so I can have a backup on hand, so I did. Couldn't be happier so far. 18 hours on battery, installing multiple system updates and using it like normal and it only pulled 38% battery in that time. 👍

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On today's #DataPrivacyDay I would like to remind everyone that decentralized is better than centralized for #privacy, but distributed is better still.

Of course, Baran was concerned with redundancy, i.e. with when network nodes are incapacitated.

But distributed networks, especially when coupled with at-rest encryption, also mean that data does not accumulate at centralized locations. It becomes less available for mass surveillance.

This is why a human centric internet must be distributed.

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Signal is down. I can't stop laughing.

Hey Moxie! Tell us again why centralization is the best way to deploy internet messaging for the masses.

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The admin of "" has boosted many posts with the n-word. It's just generally looking terrible. Nothing worth bothering with here.


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