How has the #Fairphone, or our story, changed the way you look at other products?

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@Fairphone The key insight from the fairphone "experiment" is that you can't have a sustainable phone without sustainable (read: free) software. The best repair options won't help if you can't get firmware updates (as seen dramatically with the FP1). I posted an article back in 2019 on this topic:

I wish the next will be based on freedom-friendly hardware and will finally replace Android with one of the truly sustainable alternatives such as .

@kuleszdl @Fairphone Very cool article! A bit weird that you didn't list Ubuntu Touch under the "Truly alternative, non-Android OSs" though.

Also, "UBPorts" is the community and foundation, "Ubuntu Touch" is the OS 😉

@kuleszdl @Fairphone oh yeah having a mediatek phone isn't great for sustainability

@martijnbraam @kuleszdl
That's why all following Fairphone models no longer have a Mediatek chipset.

The FP2 has patchlevel 2021-06-05 and was released December 2015.

Sure, it works fine on the pinephone.

@bart Well, that was back in 2019 :D Was it already named Ubuntu Touch back then?

@martijnbraam I agree, but while some qcom boards have better mainline support, many still need lots of blobs.

@WeAreFairphone Did qcom really provide you with firmware fixes to all known security issues in the sd801 chipset till today? Did they even evaluate this chipset in recent vulnerabilities such as those described e.g. by CVE-2020-11170?

"Working fine on the pinephone" As much as I appreciate your enthusiasm. It is not a usable phone if you compare it to a modern android phone also running mostly free software without GAPPS(except the unfortunate firmware blobs).
I hope the pinephone (and successors) will get there, but I guess we are talking years here.

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