You have a and ...

- want to run a stable version of or ,
- want to use only official mainline versions of kernel and u-boot without unofficial patches,
- don't want to use non-free software / proprietary blobs,
- don't want to use unofficial 3rd party repos?

Meanwhile, most of this is achievable. I've collected some bits of information on that and condensed them in an article I recently posted on my personal website:

Photo of the result:

@kuleszdl Thanks for the writing.

"Using external video-out and wifi requires loading non-free blobs"
- Well, that's bad. I hope they fix it in later versions. I've heard there are efforts going on for freeing modem drivers for PinePhone. Hope to see something done for PineBook as well.

@adnan360 Actually, @PINE64 started an initiative towards blob-free drivers a few weeks ago:

Regarding the video-out part I haven't heard of comparable initiatives. Personally, I would prefer blob-free video-out at the cost of inability to display DRM'd content.

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