@olimex Is it a known issue, that the official kernel in Debian unstable (5.7) hangs on the A64-OLinuXino while the stable kernel boots fine?

Apart from that - very nice board and good case! I just wish there was a cheaper variant with 2G of RAM but without the eMMC and in a "non-industrial" fashion.

@kuleszdl did you try our debian image at it's 5.6 though

@olimex Not yet as I'm not a big fan of using pre-made images.

I was hoping the official image would work. I tried with stable as well, but networking and usb seem broken there. This makes me a bit sad since the board has official support in and similar boards such as the Pine A64 work fine.

I will probably try to use the kernel from backports (5.6 as well). If this won't help, I'm going to switch to something that has a 5.4 kernel (such as ) or build a kernel myself.

@olimex I tried your image now - happy to report that everything works there as expected.

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