@mntmn Do you know of someone working on liberating the MNT Reform's platform from this TX firmware blob required for HDMI output? If yes - any estimate regarding likelihood for success (in the near future)?

@kuleszdl I'm not sure if it's possible because that particular firmware is signed by NXP. Maybe that can be cracked/circumvented, I don't know. The ISA of the blob should be Xtensa.

@mntmn Thank you! What is the size of this blob? And does it need to be loaded with root privileges to enable the output?

@kuleszdl @mntmn Loading firmware is something the kernel does without userland involved, so you don't run anything as a regular user to do so explicitly. See also for more.

@kuleszdl the firmware is 103kB in size, but it is mostly empty. zipped it is 31kB big. it can be loaded together with u-boot or later by the HDMI kernel module.

@kuleszdl it does not run on the ARM but inside of the HDMI controller on some tiny embedded MCU.

@kuleszdl this is what the end of the file looks like, where you can see the mentioned

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