@mntmn I like your MNT Reform project, however, I dislike the comparison with the because:

- there *are* 3D files of the pbp case available ("only" AutoCAD but still...)
- specs for the display *are* available, please look in the wiki
- like your machine, the pbp has M.2, sd and eMMC as well
- why does the pbp get a "no" for blobl-free boot? Mine boots up fine without blobs
- why is the price of the pbp not green?

Please be fair, do some basic research and fix these issues.

@kuleszdl thank you, i wasn't able to find this info before, can you send me links to each of those points? then we'll update it

@mntmn Sure, just look in the wiki where the spec sheets are linked:

Regarding the blobs, have a look at Debian's unstable archive where you can see that free firmware is available for booting since a few days:

However, unlike your machine it needs a blob to initialize the display, but booting and using it via serial console works blob-free, at least that's my impression from my attempts so far.

@kuleszdl thank you, what kind of blob is needed for display?

@kuleszdl one more question that i don't see in the wiki, is the PBP display matte or glossy?

@mntmn It needs some kind of analogix dp firmware that you can find here:

The display itself is matte as you can read in this lengthier review:

@kuleszdl thank you, is there a system/charge/power controller? does it have firmware?

@mntmn I am not an expert on the hardware but I think you can find a lot of info in the forums.

Regarding charging, I am not sure if this is not integrated in the main SoC (RK3399). If you look in the mainboard schematics, you will find some "PMU controller" mentioned there.

Also, the firmware for the keyboard/touchpad is probably proprietary (just assembly available) but some community members seem to work on improving it nevertheless:

@kuleszdl ok thank you, please tell me if you need anything from rkbin for booting, especially any of these bin files

@mntmn I doubt you need to use the rkbin stuff as the chip is supported by mainline u-boot meanwhile (at least the rockpro64 which is the same platform).

For the rockpro64, I compiled the "arm trusted firmware" as well as u-boot itself and it just works for me. I guess did the same for the pbp, and I doubt the firmware would be available in Debian's main repo if it was non-free.

If you find any non-free firmware for DDR4 training there please let me know, this would be new to me.

@kuleszdl OK, thank you for your constructive criticism, I have asked to update most of the points you addressed in the table. I'm going to update the blob-free boot as soon as I find a conclusive answer to that or someone who can give that to me.

@mntmn Thank you, I welcome your open approach to criticism.

Regarding the boot firmware, all I can say is that I did not clone the rkbin repository in order to build u-boot but just compiled and linked the arm-trusted-firmware repo as described there in " Option 2: Package the image with SPL".

Hopefully someone more familiar with -boot and the boards will be able to provide details how DDR4 training works on this platform and if it (still) requires non-free firmware.

@kuleszdl thanks, i hope we'll get answers soon. if the boot is blob-free, rk3399 could also be a candidate for an alternative SOM for Reform.

@kuleszdl this looks like DDR and some other firmware binaries are needed for boot, can you tell me which one of these are essential?

@mntmn @kuleszdl

The DDR4 training blob is the only necessary one, to my knowledge. As you're likely aware, there's really no platform at the moment with FOSS DDR4 training.

idbloader is uboot TPL/SPL, and the others aren't used in the PBP boot path.

@PINE64 @kuleszdl thank you so much for clarifying this, it was really hard for me to find an answer to this.

@mntmn @kuleszdl

Additionally, the "PMU controller" mentioned in some documentation is the Rockchip RK808. It's basically just a handful of DC/DC regulators which can be controlled/programmed in sequence over I2C. There's no real firmware to speak of in regards to it.

@PINE64 @kuleszdl

I'm excited to be living in a time where we have TWO organisations working towards open hardware LAPTOPS!

@PINE64 @mntmn @kuleszdl afaik we don't have training blobs in the mainline uboot for the rk3399

@martijnbraam @PINE64 @kuleszdl so it works without training or why are those not needed?

@mntmn @PINE64 @kuleszdl I don't know the details, I know that I don't package ddr firmware foro the rk3399 at least and I don't think there are blobs in u-boot master

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