I made some progress in my attempt to build a powerful, energy-efficient and freedom-friendly ARM-based firewall/router.

It runs (with two patches), has five independent GBe ports and runs on the by .

Details and benchmarks here:


Really looks like “open” source, haha.

I’ve never tried something ambitious like you do, hope you get it working. Respect!

@kuleszdl Interesting. I've considered making a backup router like this out of my Pi4 (using a switch and a USB-gige adapter). My current one is a Thin-ITX build:

This is really cool. I haven't tried any of the Pine stuff yet, but I have a PinePhone on order; can't wait to try it out.

@djsumdog Well, I guess "real" NICs are better for security, especially when compared to such an el-cheapo switch you attached to your ITX build. Often, the closed-source firmware in such devices is EOL'd quite early.

The BPI R1 "router" you mention is a better alternative - as a switch, not as a router. However, it needs a hardware mod (resistor is missing) to make it more secure.

For me, the only good argument left for using x86_64 over ARM is official support.

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