Visited the espruino stand at and I must say I am really impressed how solid the .js feels. Definitely a must-see if you are here.

@kuleszdl just looked this up, an open source hackable smartwatch for 70 GBP? This is definitely going on my list of things to buy!

Do you know what kind of display is on the right end of the table? The pink/purple HUD style display?

@kungtotte no sorry best is to ask Gordon directly. And yes, thats basically why I backed the project. :)

@kungtotte I checked back for the "display". It is just a plexi glass lit by LEDs that are of course controlled by an espruino, pretty cool and simple:

@kuleszdl oh wow, thanks for checking! That thing looks like exactly the kind of retro-scifi gadget I'd like to have on my desk. Not for any real purpose except looking cool :D

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