@PINE64 Is there any chance in the future a laptop could be made with bigger amounts of storage? I don't mind it being a low powered device, but I want normal amounts of storage (~1TB?).

@PINE64 I was told that adapter might not have enough power to power it though? Or maybe I'm confusing it with the PineTab?

@bart Some SSDs might pull too much power, but lower power ones should work.

@PINE64 Is there an indication somewhere on what is the max power draw the laptop can handle?

@bart The voltage regulator responsible for that power rail can do about 8.25W -- about 6-7 of which is available for use by the NVMe device.


@PINE64 @bart Sadly, many data sheets of ssds actually lack data about the drive's maximum power consumption.

I did some research and found one that states to consume only 1W maximum (Kingston A1000). Seems a bit low to me since some drives consume more than 8W, but well, who knows...

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