My opinion on the bit: We need to help them correct things instead of just cutting them off and trying to defame them. Infighting does not help FOSS.

@blaubachn Unfortunately, the track record of their semi-honest marketing raises comprehensible concerns about their educability. For me, it's an up and down between hope and resignation.

@kuleszdl I'd be interested in seeing what you have seen issues with before, because I've never heard of anyone being sketched out by them before. (Btw, Asking in earnest. Not a snarky accusation)

@kuleszdl I see. That wouldn't personally stop me from using a Purism laptop (My laptop has a proprietary BIOS as well), but I can definitely see where you are coming from from a completely-free software standpoint.

@blaubachn I think that the actual issue many folks in the community have with them is not that their products are not completely free, but that their marketing is quite aggressive in suggesting the opposite.

@kuleszdl Interesting. The main thing my post was focused on was people getting upset about the visibility of attribution to the projects. There are some with the attitude of: They didn't attribute publicly enough, and even if they change that they should be condemned.

@blaubachn Well, just look at the latest posting about their mail service. Do you see any mention of the upstream server software? I couldn't find it.

@kuleszdl I'm not saying that they did a good job with the release. I'm saying that we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water.


@blaubachn I'd say, some parents get worried if their baby doesn't mature as they hoped it would.

@kuleszdl Indeed. There is definitely plenty of room for growth that ideally should have happened by now.

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