The video of my talk entitled "Testing software? Yes, please!" is available here:

Many thanks to the video team and of course to all organizers, helpers, sponsors and other speakers for making this thrilling event possible!

Enjoying a great talk by Dr. Daniel Fett about oauth security at . The talk is also available from here:

Seit ca 10:00 sind die Livestreams von der #FrOSCon aktiv. Das @c3voc ermöglicht euch alle 8 Sääle aus der Ferne mitzuverfolgen.

Just was at the stand of Turris Omnia at - highly interesting arm Hardware for Routers/switches, definitely worth a look.

Easiest way to find your way to : get on the train 66 and follow the geeky folks.

@PINE64 Not very happy with your communications regarding pre-orders. When registered after July 1st in the Forums, it seems I actually can't preorder the at all - and not just with lower priority and without the EMMC upgrade. :/

After discussing with their support, the seller of my Logitech mouse (bought beginning of 2018) stated that they are "very sorry that I have reason for complaints", documented the fault as "security flaws in the Unifying receiver" and sent me a return shipping label. They also said I will get a refund once they receive the item back.

Wow I'm stunned - didn't expect them to accept my complaint. I just hope they also let "upstream" know how profitable it is to sell their flawed products.

Sent my dealer a message, demanding to have my Logitech mouse (bought 1.5 yrs ago) returned/replaced.

My argumentation: The Unifying receiver has been reported to have severe security issues (material defects if you ask me) and Logitech is not planning to address them all in the upcoming firmware updates:

Quick and dirty video courtesy of Lukasz, showing off the OS build which will ship with all Pinebook Pros, and what you can do with it. 😄

Arbeiten mit Freier Software ist wie Abnehmen:
* muss man wollen
* geht gemeinsam besser
* selber machen muss man am Ende trotzdem
* irgendwann fühlt man sich leichter

Just posted a major rewrite of my tutorial on how to install beowulf on ARM via debootstrap.

Instead of building machine-specific images, I debootstrap a single unified build that can be used across numerous boards without rebuilding.

I warmly welcome any feedback on that! Here's the article:

Enjoying the 1976 "behind the prison walls" concert records by Johnny Cash et al. - many thanks to ARTE Concert for making them available.

Busfahrer klappt die rolli Rampe aus. Frau sagt „was macht der da?! Ist der dumm oder was? Warum muss die blöde (im Rolli) vor?“ - Busfahrer sehr routiniert „wenn die blöden vor dürften, wären sie ja schon drin“. Bäm. Versenkt.

Lesson learned: Changing the DNS record late at night is a bad idea if the only thing left to do before going to bed is to deploy - especially, if the TTL of your DNS cache provider is set to one hour.

Suddenly obsessed with the Subaru XT and its super-cyber-vaporwave cockpit.

Many thanks to @mazzomaz for giving aprox 30 ppl in the audience a Brief introduction to Mastodon, further increasing our userbase!

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