Come to Plovdiv on October 19th on the Open Source Day event and learn how OSHW is made! We will talk about how to design, produce blank PCBs, assembly, component sourcing, crowdfunding, OSHW certification. Everyone is welcome!

The first review. 🙂
Still, I have to wait for a normal keyboard: I don’t want to get angry about @ # "and 'every time I miss.😉

#PineBook #arm

I just learned that all #Xiaomi #LineageOS builds are down due to a #DMCA Takedown. After #Gadgetbridge this is the second time I'm affected as a user. This is ridiculous

ST Microelectronics released very interesting new STM32MP1 SOC with Cortex-A7 and Cortex-M3 targeting industrial applications -40+125C, looks like perfect candidate for new OSHW OLinuXino LIME board!

Seriously? Trying with "sign in via Gitlab" wants me grant access to gitter for accessing my complete Gitlab account:

Sehr interessanter Artikel über #Linux in der Stadtverwaltung von #München. Unglaublich was Microsoft da aufgefahren hat, um diese Umstellung damals zu verhindern. ...

Münchens Ex-OB Christian Ude im Interview

Hey #cccamp19, you know everything you buy from Decathlon has a long-range UHF RFID tag on it, and I have a reader with 10m range?

145 unique tags scanned from a quick walk around the Milliways area.

Just stumbled over the stunning talk given by Eben Moglen about behavior, attention, privacy and freedom at in May this year.

I really liked his point that it's not required to invent new stuff to fix what's wrong today but "just" to undo stuff that went wrong in last years. Aligned very well with the idea of and the fediverse. And he even mentioned as a concrete solution.

The video of my talk entitled "Testing software? Yes, please!" is available here:

Many thanks to the video team and of course to all organizers, helpers, sponsors and other speakers for making this thrilling event possible!

Enjoying a great talk by Dr. Daniel Fett about oauth security at . The talk is also available from here:

Seit ca 10:00 sind die Livestreams von der #FrOSCon aktiv. Das @c3voc ermöglicht euch alle 8 Sääle aus der Ferne mitzuverfolgen.

Just was at the stand of Turris Omnia at - highly interesting arm Hardware for Routers/switches, definitely worth a look.

Easiest way to find your way to : get on the train 66 and follow the geeky folks.

@PINE64 Not very happy with your communications regarding pre-orders. When registered after July 1st in the Forums, it seems I actually can't preorder the at all - and not just with lower priority and without the EMMC upgrade. :/

After discussing with their support, the seller of my Logitech mouse (bought beginning of 2018) stated that they are "very sorry that I have reason for complaints", documented the fault as "security flaws in the Unifying receiver" and sent me a return shipping label. They also said I will get a refund once they receive the item back.

Wow I'm stunned - didn't expect them to accept my complaint. I just hope they also let "upstream" know how profitable it is to sell their flawed products.

Sent my dealer a message, demanding to have my Logitech mouse (bought 1.5 yrs ago) returned/replaced.

My argumentation: The Unifying receiver has been reported to have severe security issues (material defects if you ask me) and Logitech is not planning to address them all in the upcoming firmware updates:

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