The new postmarketOS v21.12 SP2 service pack is out! This release finally brings MMS to stable with chatty 0.6 and the latest and .


I am looking for the "most missing" native apps for mobile Linux to be built in 4th semester student internship projects using libhandy. My criteria:

- no such app exists or is in development with substantial progress
- open source reference implementation is available (e.g. desktop or Android app)
- the app is small and not very complex (good example: offline dictionary)
- the app is useful for a large userbase and not only in a niche.

Suggestions/ideas warmly welcome!

First service pack in 2022 is out - v21.12 SP1 with a revived Nokia N900, support for the PinePhone keyboard ⌨️ , and more!

@PINE64 Could you please clarify the situation regarding FCC/CE certifications of the explorer edition? Your product page claims:

> Technical details, including schematics, information pertaining to individual components as well as available operating systems, certification and much more is available on our Wiki.

However, I can't find said information. I am asking you directly because I didn't get an answer in the forums either:

Thank you!

You know, this is really irresponsible: was just looking into /e/ OS and the Murena Fairphone and apps are installed from a third-party app repository run by fuck-knows-who.


CC @Fairphone

After 6 long months of waiting, v21.12 is live! This release contains 8 more devices, bringing our total number supported in stable releases up to 23! This time also featuring , a way to "escape" to a tty with graphical keyboard when things go bad.

Get it now while it's still hot!

According to this campaign update, 100 backers and the initiator of a popular kickstarter project have to pay VAT twice as Royal Mail failed to bundle customs information with packages and is rejecting to take responsibility:

Mistakes happen, but refusing to take responsibility is a big shame.

# banglejs

Zusammen mit der #OSBA haben wir mit Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten zur #btw21 Interviews zu #FreierSoftware geführt. HIer das Ergebnis:

Published my new article:

"Recommended procedure for installing Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) on ARM64-based machines"

This is a major rewrite of my previous articles. I updated it for Debian 11 and tried to make it more concise.

Feedback appreciated!

The hardware of my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini VE is protected fine by an Defender. But how about the software?

I thought it would deserve an OS that is more secure than the "latest" Android 4.4 when Samsung stopped supporting it.

Now experimenting with running :

Finally, I found a satisfying solution for cooling down the northbridge of a KGPE-D16-based system.

I installed a Titan TTC-SC07TZ bracket that is long enough to reach to the northbridge. I replaced one of its fans by a different model from and now temps are below 55°C.

I plan to optimize this setup further by swapping the fan for the 92mm "slim" PWM version so it's speed can be better controlled using PWM instead of the old-school voltage regulator for the 3pin fans.

Happy to announce the first service pack of v21.03! 🎉

Users who have this release installed can upgrade to it with the usual mechanisms (GNOME Software, KDE Discover, or apk upgrade -a).

Lol, yes, I think "this branch has conflicts that must be resolved" couldn't be more true, looking at the PR discussion...😄
(from this Github thread:

#Audacity #Privacy #Tracking

I wonder if there is an official date for the release of v2.3 planned. Is there?

Background: I need to upgrade one of my bbb servers as it's still on 16.04 - and is announced to be EOL at the end of this month. Although 2.3-dev runs pretty well, it would be great to go directly for bbb-2.3 final.

Btw. - the improvements in v2.3 are a huge step forward and highly appreciated, it runs really pretty fine on my test server since the early alpha versions.

Our most complex #oshw #linux #sbc made with #kicad - the Octa-Core ARM board IMX8 Quad Max is completely routed! 2xCortex-A72 1.6Ghz, 4xCortex-A53 1.2Ghz 2x Cortex-M4, 64-bit LPDDR4, HDMI IN/OUT, 2x CSI camera, up to 4 HD displays! -40+125C #opensource

After months of working on this, we are proud to announce the second beta release of , based on 3.13! 😀 :postmarketos:

Ubuntu Touch OTA-16 is nearly here! Please help us test this release to ensure everything that was fixed is really fixed!

#UbuntuTouch #OTA16 #UBports

As people like to claim that they're better off when not installing microcode updates provided by their CPU vendor, I wrote a counterpoint:
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