New challenges for Free Software business models via @bjoern

This is indeed a very interesting and critical aspect of free software. I watched an excellent talk about more or less exactly the same topic at FrOSCon this year. The speaker presented quite a few more models and discussed their limitations.

Not sure if you've seen it as well? In case you didn't, here's the reference:

@PINE64 Update: The link is now on the start page and points to the store, but the store is still down. Guess we have to stay patient.

@PINE64 I can't find the link for ordering the brave heart edition. 😟 Any pointers appreviated.

Conducted first test with my new usb power meter by charging a cheap power bank from empty to full (nominal capacity stated by manufacturer: 2600mAh). So far, I like this power meter a lot.

November blog post is up! Pinebook Pro, PinePhone, PineTime... even the PineTab! We've got news on all of it.

@PINE64 Can you already say at what time pre-orders for the will open tomorrow (or maybe even tonight)?

First impressions after playing around with the and the from :

- great aes-xts-performance (~350 MB/s)
- great usb3-sata-performance (~280 MB/s)
- surprisingly low idle power consumption (~0.5W on the rock64, ~1W on the h64)

- both boards do *not* work with unstable kernel yet
- the h64 works with debian userland + kernel, the rock64 does not (but works with official on 5.3 kernel)

Overall: Great hardware, but does not work ootb like A64 yet.

Just received my parcel from with a bunch of exciting gear. I am really excited to get my hands on that.

Enjoying great talks and conversations here at in Dornbirn (Austria). Very cool event, it was definitely worth getting up very early this morning to get here.

Come to Plovdiv on October 19th on the Open Source Day event and learn how OSHW is made! We will talk about how to design, produce blank PCBs, assembly, component sourcing, crowdfunding, OSHW certification. Everyone is welcome!

The first review. 🙂
Still, I have to wait for a normal keyboard: I don’t want to get angry about @ # "and 'every time I miss.😉

#PineBook #arm

I just learned that all #Xiaomi #LineageOS builds are down due to a #DMCA Takedown. After #Gadgetbridge this is the second time I'm affected as a user. This is ridiculous

ST Microelectronics released very interesting new STM32MP1 SOC with Cortex-A7 and Cortex-M3 targeting industrial applications -40+125C, looks like perfect candidate for new OSHW OLinuXino LIME board!

Seriously? Trying with "sign in via Gitlab" wants me grant access to gitter for accessing my complete Gitlab account:

Sehr interessanter Artikel über #Linux in der Stadtverwaltung von #München. Unglaublich was Microsoft da aufgefahren hat, um diese Umstellung damals zu verhindern. ...

Münchens Ex-OB Christian Ude im Interview

Hey #cccamp19, you know everything you buy from Decathlon has a long-range UHF RFID tag on it, and I have a reader with 10m range?

145 unique tags scanned from a quick walk around the Milliways area.

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