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Dear programmers, if someone asks for help about a paticular language please don't hold it over them. Saying things like:

"Shouldn't you know that?"

Someone could code 6 years in C and have no idea about basic OO principles. If they've done some research and can't make sense of them and then they ask a programming discord, you don't need to shit on them. You can just help them.

TLDR: Shitting on people for not knowing about something you know doesn't make you a better programmer.

Wired is giving away a free Yubikey with a $5 yearly subscription right now...

Just in case you were wondering.

People often wonder why printers are so cantankerous but frankly any device that embeds pigmented runes in the remains of long-dead trees is going to be stricken by an ancient faerie curse from the start

Our admin, @mike had a great idea - to open up the Fosstodon Hub to our users, so they can contribute blog posts.

Maybe you want to talk about a project you're interested in, or something you're working on, or maybe just tell people why you use FOSS in a more long-form fashion.

Think of it kinda like a mini-medium for Fosstodon users.

This post is to gauge interest before we start developing something. Would anyone be interested in contributing to, or consuming, such content?

Y'all might be interested in the post I just wrote about how we should deal with the problem of groups outside an instance pressuring Mastodon admins into taking actions that the admins don't believe are justified. I discuss the problem and suggest two actionable solutions.

Mastodon Mobs and Mastodon Mods: Dealing with Outside Groups Pressuring Instance Administrators

@nolan @SuperFloppies

I spent a few hours trying to install Collabora with the Nextcloud snap, then a few more trying to install Nextcloud from scratch. I finally caved and installed @yunohost, and it's actually really great, and much easier to use. Thanks to @ignitionigel for recommending it, and hopefully before long I'll be able to delete Google entirely!

My ISP was doing a survey today. Both funny and sad.

Them: What brand is your primary computer?
Me: Dell.
T: What operating system?
M: Mint 19.
T: Is that Windows 10?
M: Uh, no.
T: Windows 8?
M: No, it's Linux.
T: So which version of Windows is that?
M: .... *sigh*

I decided on for my home server, and it seems to do everything I need, but I can't figure out how to get Collabora or OnlyOffice working on the same server, since I installed from the snap. I made a help forum topic here ( , and if anyone knows how to get it working or could give me a hand, that would be awesome.

Number of accounts is the wrong success metric for the fediverse; number of instances is the correct one.

Absolute failure state of the fediverse is 7 billion accounts and one instance.

So, Valve just made gaming on Linux a whole lot easier.

They took Wine, fixed a couple of things, made it integrate into their steam client natively and released it as open source.

Wow! 🎮 :tux:

I wrote an article about Two Factor Authentication and why you should probably be using it.

In case you're interested in anti-DRM movement there is a new initiative by


If you make something (#games #video #books #music etc) DRM-free and want to be a part of this then you can contact them and possibly be featured (contact in the footer).

Hey, #Keybase users: If you'd like to see Mastodon support in Keybase (which is just *perfect* in a federated network to verify people) and have a GitHub account: make sure to voice your wish, +1ing this comment on the related issue. That might make it happen!

I want to make a home server to try to replace as much of Google as possible. Any recommendations for software to use?

So @mike just pinged me to inform me that we missed Fosstodon's 1st birthday!

On 01st August we became 1 year old. As I understand it, that's quite old for a Mastodon instance. Hopefully it will be the first of many, as we go from strength to strength.

It'd be great if you could switch instances but take all your toots, follows and followers with you. I'd more inclined to move to another instance to lessen the server load on this main one if I didn't have to start over.

@Tusky I downloaded both icon packs in the 3.0 Beta and switched to Twemoji, and it causes the app to crash repeatedly. Clearing the app's cache fixes the issue.

Sooo … I accidentally launched a bit of a DDoS attack on @fosstodon: My post on Mastodon's awesomeness hit the Hacker News front page and people seemed to believe me about how great fosstodon is!

Welcome, everyone!

According to @kev, we've upgraded our server to handle the increased load, and I've taken the plunge to support fosstodon on Patreon[0].

If you're a Mastodon regular, I'd encorage you to do the same for your local instance!

cc @Gargron


If any of you have noticed a little slowness with Fosstodon today, we're sorry about that - we're currently seeing a huge uptick in traffic.

Resources have been doubled, so that should resolve the problem. Needing to upgrade is always a great problem to have. 😁

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