#TIL about "progress" 🤯

It's useful if you start a large copy operation using cp instead of rsync and want to know how it's going.

It's in the :archlinux: community repo.


1998: everyone loves google, the website that lets you find stuff on the internet !

2018: we regret to inform you that the website is spying on everyone on earth


we are having an issue with one of our machines right now. We expect things to go back online tomorrow ~morning. Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for your patience !

Holy crap. I didn't know I had this in me. I just coded the most aesthetically pleasing new tab page I've ever seen. The search bar even works and searches .

All that's left is hosting it locally so I get blazing speeds.

Looking around for some info on connecting an LVDS display to a teeny SBC, but all the display controllers readily available seem to be huge, and the resolution is 8:3 which seems to be generally unsupported.

Any ideas on where to look for others hacking on this sort of thing?



Would this work? Idk about aspect ratios, but I've used a touch panel from them before, it seemed to work pretty well.

@ckoul @mooshoe you can get most of it through F-Droid, but it's also missing some smaller stuff, like ways to update built in apps, and even some smaller things that would just be nice to have, like being able to reverse the hardware keys. It's totally understandable though, considering it's one of the first betas.

@gwmngilfen /e/ is actually just a fork of lineage, so the only argument is that /e/ has everything put together, and their custom launcher

@mooshoe They are just taking things and putting them together, but it makes it much easier than doing it from scratch. It's pretty polished, but it doesn't have a crappy store - it has no store, and that's kind of the theme with it. It's very user friendly where it has features, but it's missing some pretty important things. It is a beta though, so it's understandable that it's missing things. Once you install F-Droid and the Privileged Extension, it's very usable.

/e/ (e.foundation) seems like a pretty cool project, and they just added support for the S4, so I dug mine out of the drawer of old tech. I've got TeamWin on it now, so wish me luck!

I managed to talk to my school's IT guy today, and found out the reason for everything being blocked: They block SSH. I'm a bit disappointed that they won't allow SSH, but I can understand it, since they block lots of VPNs too, and he said the main reason for blocking it was tunneling. My VPN works though, so I'll just have to run everything through it.

Hey / (maybe) / / / / people?

How do I state which network to use when trying to connect to something over a VPN?

For example: When I'm on 4G (and some other WiFi networks, but not all) and connected to my home network via OpenVPN and want to connect to something on my network thru 192.168.0.x, it'll connect fine. Be it in a web browser or SSH via Termux.


@dan I've had trouble contacting the IT department. I tried calling the district IT department, but I was told I have to talk to the school, and our IT guy isn't in much. Hopefully when I'm able to talk to him, he can fix it.

@mooshoe Pretty much. I have to use one almost all the time, but it's just annoying when I leave something open and then I can't use the WiFi for the first period or two

Whenever I try to use any, I get blocked for anywhere from 15 minutes to a day. I have to make sure I close everything on my laptop or I have to get someone else to log in for me. I find the Ubuntu Repos the worst, because in their "Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement" they say we have to keep our computers up to date.

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