I had to rebuild my OpenBSD firewall a while back and took the opportunity to upgrade to 6.8. Never got around to setting up OpenVPN again the way I had on the previous fw. This week I had a pressing need to be able to connect to my home network from outside so I took a stab at it yesterday. Decided to go with Wireguard this time around. I figure if Theo thinks it's good enough to get included in the mainline kernel it can't be too bad. We'll see...

My daughter sent me this today and I think I have to agree, most anime sounds like this to me. I must be getting old. youtu.be/ABC5TRSj9gE

Mandalorian S02E06.


No way that armor still fits him. Should call him Boba Fat now.

But seriously, awesome episode!

Back to work after the holiday and the first email I see is from Microsoft Analytics detailing how "productive" I've been in terms of using their crappy software. In response I'm now upgrading to LibreOffice 7.0 on my work computer. If only I could ditch Teams. 😞

Our little labsky, Luna - keeping watch over the neighborhood (from the safety of our front porch).

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Interesting how all the predictions about voting computers are coming true like if experts like the CCC were able to look into the future. All the things are showing up as symptoms in the US election, but most importantly, nobody can trust those computers because nobody can check what's going on on a multipurpose machine with windows 10 on it so it's easy to say that they were hacked or malfunctioning, etc.

And to be honest I do agree with those people...

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Finally worked out the magic incantations of pf firewall rules, nginx proxy config, SSL certs, HTTPS redirects, and docker-compose setup to get a Ghost blog server running as a docker container behind my Nginx proxy server. In hindsight it was simple, but getting all the pieces in place took way longer than I expected.

Just discovered kitty (sw.kovidgoyal.net/kitty/). The window/pane configuration is nice for local sessions. Still looking for something as smooth as tmux + iTerm2 integration on mac, but this is a nice step in that direction. Glad Mr. Goyal has time to work on other things besides Calibre.

Cutting the cord. Just deactivated my FB account (downloaded my data first - JIC). Starting to get the hang of this Mastodon thing.

Hello. Just joined to discuss and share information about FOSS. I've been using Linux and FOSS for over 20 years and there's always something new and exciting to talk about.


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