Do you folks like the new Firefox redesign? I do and I hope that Firefox gets more and more market share, I really fear that chromium browsers will become the only browser around.

@kriive A UI redesign won't do anything to improve adoption.

@kriive ... did you see one person who said "oh man! I MUST get that browser, it's UI is **AWESOME**" ? Also it's UI isn't even that different from the previous one, I don't see how it is more "modern".

@kriive For Firefox to get more adoption; it should be default on some places, it should be faster than competition, modular like webkit and chromium so alternative browsers can be built from the backend. I don't think Firefox can do this under Mozilla's leadership if the all this anticipated new release brings to the table is a UI redesign nobody wanted.

@kriive UI does matter, but not enough to get something like Firefox off the ground.

@person I have to both agree, and disagree with you.

I think you underestimate how shallow many users actually are, and care about looks first. Those of us that prefer functionality are generally people that are already interested in tech. To bring other users in, they need to offer some candy floss.

On the agreement side, there are absolutely other things they could be doing to improve the product. I'm also not sure Mozilla's current leadership is right either.


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