- Hello all, this is technically my first post. I stopped using the majority of Social Media Platforms a couple years ago. I use Minds sometimes, but still find it lacking. Mastodon in general looks promising. I'm a Unix Guy "Solaris Admin". Oracle Build Guy. IT Manager. Drupal Developer. Ex Smart Phone User "Thank you Alcatel". Canuck. Hockey Player and a Musician.

I'm really looking forward to my time here. I'm liking what I'm seeing already.

@krankshk Welcome! I think you'll find Mastodon and Fosstodon to be a much better social media experience than many of the other platforms. If you're looking for some tips on getting started, or some more info about Fosstodon, check my profile for some pinned toots. Again, welcome aboard and give a shout (toot) if you need help with anything.

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