- Hello all, this is technically my first post. I stopped using the majority of Social Media Platforms a couple years ago. I use Minds sometimes, but still find it lacking. Mastodon in general looks promising. I'm a Unix Guy "Solaris Admin". Oracle Build Guy. IT Manager. Drupal Developer. Ex Smart Phone User "Thank you Alcatel". Canuck. Hockey Player and a Musician.

I'm really looking forward to my time here. I'm liking what I'm seeing already.

@krankshk Welcome! I think you'll find Mastodon and Fosstodon to be a much better social media experience than many of the other platforms. If you're looking for some tips on getting started, or some more info about Fosstodon, check my profile for some pinned toots. Again, welcome aboard and give a shout (toot) if you need help with anything.

@krankshk welcome to the instance! Wow, still running Solaris? I haven't touched it much since, well, SunOS.

I never could find many interesting people on Minds (geeks, devs, Unix greybeards, what have you), whereas the fediverse seems like a more ideal gathering place.

@tomosaigon - I have not touched Solaris either in a very long time. Since 2006 when I did my last build for Oracle. I moved into The Web Admin Universe using CentOS. Not exciting at all, but It's sufficient. Nowadays I just Nerd out on stuff.

@krankshk I know what that's like. The fediverse itself is something to nerd out on! And see what random people are up to.

@krankshk Welcome!
Nice to have you with us! New here? Start with following some tags and people! Go check out public stream on your server to find some. Keep adding more people and tags, you can always unfollow something you don't want later.

Also do share your own stuff - write posts, upload images and add relevant tags so similar-minded people can easily find it. Consider filling out your profile as well, no personal data required. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask, we are here to help.

Have fun on the network! :)

@krankshk Welcome to Fosstodon!

"Ex-smartphone user"- If you could, please
Explain how you get by with a basic phone.

@rookie It was hard at first. I went through withdrawals like any other addiction. Going back to a T9 interface was the worst. I don't look at my phone any more. I don't like being tracked. KAIOS for the flip is a winner in my opinion. If someone needs to communicate with me, it's Text or Phone. When travelling, I use a real map and plot my course. It sickens me to know that years of my usage data, my movements and trends are being stored and sold somewhere out there.

We gotta start somewhere.

@krankshk @rookie that is really interesting. It’s sending photos of the kids to my wife that I would miss the most.

@joshuaCrewe @rookie - True, I even went to Public Mobile's most basic plan and love it. I can turn on Data if I need a Hot Spot. But have yet to try it.

@krankshk @joshuaCrewe Let us know, if your ever try it.

I am looking to replace my phone with a mini laptop+a wireless 4g modem.

Still figuring how I can make a seamless switch.

@krankshk Whats lost is lost, still it is worthwhile to move away from those pesky ads and what not.

@krankshk Welcome! Let us know if there's anything you need!

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