Saying, "Why want privacy if you have nothing to hide?" is the same as saying, "Why want freedom if you're not going to commit crimes?".

@kqzx :ac_sigh: I'm tired of seeing this. Can we just accept that vast majority of human population are idiots, they always were idiots and always will be idiots and we should keep our privacy and freedom respecting tools to ourselves?

@person Agreed, but I really don't want my friends and family being spied on by huge corpos who only want to make money off of them.

@kqzx I personally don't care. It's their business not mine.

@person @kqzx it becomes your problem when they want to communicate with you

@Johann150 No, I just told'em I wasn't gonna use Whatsapp and we switched to Telegram.

@person lucky for you they agreed*. Many people I talked to just either didn't respond at all to my message that I was switching to Signal or said they would not use it.
And for some things like groups with ~150 participants I'll not be able to convince enough people to use Signal, without being a major annoyance.

* Telegram is hardly an improvement.

@Johann150 To me it sounds like if your friends aren't going to do something as simple as installing another chat app, or better yet, actually calling you as Graham intended than I don't know if these people are worth your time mate. But what do I know, I have like 3 friends I had to get into Telegram.

@kqzx "Do you also leave the door open when you go on the toilet?"

And there is a question that is getting more common with WhatsApps ToS change (and recently also ads): "But everything is encrypted, so it's secure." Someone posted the perfect response to that on the instance here, it was a picture of a tricycle that was comically wrapped as a present. But because of the way it was wrapped your could clearly see what it was.

@Johann150 Yeah. That's a classic one. I use the "freedom" analogy because not only does everyone accept that it is needed, but even the government sanctions it.

@kqzx "I don't care about free speech because I have nothing to say"

@kqzx I shit, I don't want the whole world to see me shit.
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