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Today I found out that my favourite teacher in school had a stroke, is wheelchair bound, and doesn't teach anymore... That's how you know it's a Monday :(

Tried to compile a broken dwm build and it turned itself into a pickle. Funniest shit I've ever seen.

Thought I would post a picture of the beautiful dessert I was about to eat, so I put it in the microwave and this happened :/

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Do you like it when your entire personality is generalized to fit an obnoxious stereotype, just to appease corporate higher-ups? Neither does the firefox logo.

I think I found one of the coolest things to ever exist.
libraryofbabel.info/ is a website that houses every single combination of the 23 letters of the English alphabet (lowercase only), plus space, comma and period. Everything that has been said and that will ever be said has already been documented here.

I think I may be addicted to cheese...

Roblox YouTubers be like:
HEy guys! weLcome to my roblox let's Play! if you want to enter my free gift card giveaway, Make sure to likE, share and subscribe!

Everybody gangsta until they realise that the events of the original DOOM game take place in 2022

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I want to buy a house within the next ten years.

Aside from money and a good credit rating, how do I get there? What do I need, what should I know? Where do I start?

please boost. I know there are others thinking about this now

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I have yet to find a funnier version of this meme personally.


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Gotta give Microsoft some credit. They have a really good sense of humour.

Feeling super burnt out today... Gonna listen to an audiobook as I sip warm milk in a dimply lit room. Hopefully this is just temporary :p

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