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Negative test and sealed stick for dramatic purposes 📽️

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Covid self tests have arrived. Who would've thought I'd be sticking things up my nose before seeing people?

To be honest I'd happily live a nocturnal life. Everything is prettier.

F/11, 30" ISO125

And the final version. Not too much beyond some quick cropping, background neutralisation, histogram stretch and noise reduction.

I might retry this target driving out of Munich and with clear skies for more than 13 minutes! 😎

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Finally this nonsense called weekend is over and we are back to work. Feels great.

After more than a year, we couldn't step back from having some minutes of clear-ish sky yesterday. There were some clouds on top of our targets in Orion and a hell of a lot of Autobahn rubbish in the air, but just for the fun of setting things up and do some actual astro!

From the city center of Munich, in H-alpha (the R channel in the Hubble Palette). Around 13 minutes total exposure.

Same clouds, one w/o filter, the other in H-alpha (Hα). See the bird?

Trying not to lose the good humour, but my trip back home is getting more and more complicated with time — Corona™

Back to work with itchy eyes, runny nose, back pain and no sleep. Life is great.

Analog B/W photography nights just because we had equipment from the 70s and money to spend on paper and chemicals. I like my negative self, let's call it !ruben.

Was wondering about the amount of Novak movies in TCM these days, but now I get it. Interesting interview to one of my favourites, together with Ingrid Bergman and Lauren Bacall.

Got to talk to my friend Steve, in the US. Mississippi, blues, country, the Carters...

That brings me to Mother Maybelle and the reason I still think nobody was or ever will be even close to her finger-picking.

Kim Novak in “Bell, book and candle” omg <3

Got one of these little beasts today. Not the easiest thing to master as it has a myriad of features, but things as SWR and Smith analysis are easy enough for my current level.

I have two dual band antennas, but they are not that dual. At least, between both, I cover VHF/UHF!


Best album of 2021. That's it, I don't need the other 10 months.

It has everything. A charming piano melody, incredibly long atmospheric pads, the good old Detroit Techno vibe... and a monumental jazzy remix by Aki Rissanen you bloody genius.

Sahko love. Nostalgia.

Got my long time wanted Boards of Canada “Music has the right to children” and I can listen to that album for yet another million times. Whoever doesn't like ROYGBIV, Olsen, Kaini Industries, etc., has no soul.

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