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Is this 2021's “hold my beer”?

Now seriously: what the fuck is this crap, US?

That's it, I got my Spanish official call-sign and can't wait to get in the air!

This is my brother (left) and me (right) in one of my favourite pics of 2020, taken yesterday. Victory✌️(so far)!

Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all the best!

Doppler shift, indeed! Managed to correct it manually live. From a station in Russia, couldn't be any other way!

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Second attempt. I calibrated the Tx/Rx in the sound card but I don't know if the ±3.5 kHz doppler shift needs to be accounted for somewhere beyond me manually doing it at the SDR. Maybe I just need to wait until the ISS passes on top of a good antenna, but there's no time left!

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* The 2 sides of 2020

2020 brought me nothing at all!

You'll never hear me say

That together we can do more than alone

Because looking further, I discover

Tension and anxiety all around me

Every week I felt less

Connection with people dear to me

I felt

That I became estranged to the outside world

And especially don't tell me

"There is beauty in every day"

Because however you look at it

I've stood still all this year

You'll never hear me say:

2020 brought me many highlights


Reading a lot about mRNA these days, and specially about the research done over the years. I find really fascinating the Ψ technique to trick the immune system, the proline substitutions, etc., but among all the stories, the ones I like the most are about the scientists that have spent the last three decades getting all the necessary pieces for the vaccine in place (paper rejection galore included). Some of them are remarkable, like this Hungarian lady: Katalin Karikó 🇭🇺

Excellent Norwegian grammar, although I must say the edition is horrible and makes it look a bit unprofessional, which is not. Good companion for the classic “På vei” and “Stein på stein”, which I guess everyone uses as the entry level texts for Norwegian.

Also, I recommend to read simplified news in Norwegian as well as the grammar videos of Karense in

Moon is at 100%, but I'm driving out to the darkness to enjoy my one and only astro-night this year. Feels good to just type this! 😎

Just got an SSTV picture transmitted from the ISS on 145.800MHz using a websdr located somewhere in Utah and qsstv. Not the best quality, but boy I can't wait to do this using my own sdr/antenna!

Still cannot get over how he just dropped “Untrue” 13 years ago, out from Metal Gear Solid samples, YouTube bootlegs, Beyonce recordings and what not.

Here's the how-to:

This was sold out in like 5 minutes, and I am not surprised. He's just too good.

I start my Christmas holidays wishing you all a nice time with the family, good food, good drinks, good music and a good book.

Thanks for all the FOSS stuff I'm learning with each and everyone of ya, and see you once the 2020 PR is merged into master🤘

1) Where has Warp gone? They used to publish these kind of things: LFO at the top of their game! And despite the common choice of “LFO” here, my favourite was always “Simon from Sidney” 🇭🇲

2) Have the radio exam in two days, things are looking good!

3) Getting real tired of technology these days, I need holidays and of course a disconnection from programming, internet, cloud et al. Two more days 🙂

2020 is what "not having a vaccine" looks like. Next time you meet a science denier, show them this graph[1]: to me, the summary of a very difficult year, but one in which we've seen science working full speed. I am proud of them, and I hope the lesson has been well understood by all of us.


So even though the Pfizer+BioNTech vaccine has been developed in Germany, it's been already approved/distributed in the US and the UK but not in the EU?

What the hell, EMA?

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