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I want to have the type of manager that writes structs or classes named after themselves like:

type JasonsAmazingProcessor struct {...}

This happened.

The new album by Actress, “Karma & Desire”, is a winter masterpiece that puts every other producer out there at the amateur level.

I remember the foggy days of my good old London, listening to masterpieces like “Raven” and thinking there was no better music to describe the city, the chaos of the south bank, the solitude of a night bus, the darkness of some boroughs.

Actress is up there, together with Burial, Aphex Twin and Autechre. The rest, sorry to say, are beginners with big talent.

A colleague recommended us workrave ( Nice and simple tool to remind you to take breaks.

The only James Bond that matters. Cheers, Sean Connery.

Alright so I just found the perfect word for foreigners to practice spanish pronunciation: “veces”

It has a progression that's hard to get right due to our lack of v sound, the classic c sound, and a very liquid and thin s. All together in a row.

I love teaching my mother tongue to people, seriously! 😃

Messed up with DICOM files yesterday. Quite cool to see slices of my own knee, although it was a bit of a shock to see the size of the screw holding my ACL. Used both dicomscope and aeskulap to open the images and an hex editor to dig in the metadata. Sooo cool.

Don't forget to do this with your own scans!

So we Europeans just basically live in deprecated/illegal timezones with CET/CEST. Just got to know that CEST is not supported per se in go: one has to use CET, which includes a flag for the DST shift in case it's needed. Makes sense, but I ate the facepalm anyway xD

I'm sure my Norwegian teacher thinks we don't do anything else with our lives apart from working/studying - she send us our homework by chapter 😂

She: “So for the next day arbeidsboka: entire chapter 1“
Us: “wo wo wooo!? That's tw...twenty five exercises?“

🇳🇴 😩

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Have been using Tellico for this very reason myself ( Lookup works ok, with multiple sources to look from, but haven't tested it with a barcode scanner yet.

Gonna try to make a catalog of all my books so that I can find them easily, know if I own a copy of a title already, etc. Any open source recommendations with csv import/export capabilities and support for barcode scanner lookup?

Oh man, Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert make such a couple. And she was soooo pretty.

Watched “It happened one night” because we have the classic movie nights back! And who wouldn't like to be in that night bus, singing along?

2020 is the year I learned the difference between a curfew and the state of emergency.

I guess I can finally say my general knowledge is sky-rocketing as all the science is just seen as pure geekery (sad but true).

slack is getting ridiculous - how much ram can that thing eat, fuck sake?

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One and a half months pretty much locked in a house with the exception of grocery shopping and some walks at the park.
Beers with friends happen online, exercise happens in my room, and so does my job. I hope this ends up soon - I'm actually afraid about everyone's jobs and situation here for the years to come, but there's nothing I can do beyond following the rules. On the positive side, I'll be forever grateful to my company, which allowed me to come back home to my family for some months.

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🐘 If you tried Mastodon and you "got bored" quickly, you were using it wrong.

Here's how to fix it:

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Et spørsmål jeg hadde i dag: Hvordan konverterer jeg et Word-dokument til Markdown? Svar: Pandoc, som konverterer alt til alt.

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