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I miss the genius of Mika. I somehow find the darkness of his music very refreshing amidst all the sentimentalism and corny music around.

No gesticulations, no stupid shows in his live acts. Just brutal synths and pure talent.

Had an afternoon and got to switch on again my old Doepfer Dark Energy. I have a thing for the analogue, self oscillating filters' kick drums.

Here's a small (and dark) test. Again, using just Audacity to record and mix it.

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Honestly, short of jumping into a real DAW, Audacity is pretty much the best audio recording you can find, including Adobe Audition.

Where did my sense of rhythm go? I must say the laptop's sound card has a latency well beyond it is sane to deal with. Musicians of the world, Kraftwerk members: I am sorry.

Done from scratch on a microKORG: faaaahrn auf der Autobaaahn!

This tiny beast is coming to Norway with me no matter what!

So, I'm back home. It's sad to see how everyone, with no exception, was wearing a mask even on an empty street at 1am but at the same time this is one of the most affected (if not the most) regions.

Now yes, it's time to WFH and disconnect, leaving an important message from the roads in France. Click.

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So here I am, everything packed in the car, been awake for like 2h now, I have another 1400 km to go, but can't leave the camping before 8h because everyone is on holidays and I'd disturb them with my car. Never happened to me before, this is rubbish 🤔

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More than 1.100 km after, it's dinner time somewhere here in Belgium, just passed the Germany border! ½ it's already done fuck yes!

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Waiting for the ferry to Denmark and it's raining juuuust a bit in Larvik.

This mode should be called Database Debugging Time. And I'm just UTC+2 at the moment, but imagine using a timezone with offsets of 30/45 minutes!

I really like time. It's such a popular but very little known concept. Countries, timezones and offsets, solar time vs standard time (for some countries the shift is big – e.g. Spain, directly below the UK but BST/GMT+1!).

Do you live in a place aligned with solar time? 😛

Getting the 2,500 km drive to my hometown ready. I'll miss Norway, but until I'm back it is time to recharge batteries together with my family. Click.

I was, together with another couple, the only one in Oslo wearing a mask yesterday. This is starting to irritate the hell out of me because all I can read every day is yet another 2000 cases back home.

Listen, people, we don't know what is this (yet), and my friends, yes, the "kissing everyone" Spaniards, have been wearing a mask for like 2 months after a 55+ days lockdown w/o leaving their homes.

Stop taking this as a joke, sorry about the rant, and read this iyc:

Watched "Truth and Justice" yesterday, an absolute gem of the Estonian cinema, based on Tammsaare's novel. The first volume is (or at least was) a mandatory read for Estonian students, and I can see why.

How many men went down the same path as Andres?

Yuri Gagarin looks weird in this American textbook🤣

Wow chill, guys. This is not a dictatorship sort of “no it's not and go to jail” kind of post. My toot was implicitly talking about privacy, not about use/like/recommended subtleties or anything like that. Also, I don't take anything that seriously, let alone others habits/ways to do things 🍻

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I've always heard that one has to choose their heroes very carefully. After watching the humbleness, joyful characters of many of the people involved in the Apollo program, I'm very happy of some of my choices. Not every day I hear someone that walked on the Moon saying that they were not sure why they were chosen, that they had been just lucky to be there.

Watch “For All Mankind” documentary if you can, it'll put a smile on your face. Also Eno's work is incredible.

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