@sotolf I should buy one house in Escandinavia and another in Patagonia and live in permanent winter :thinking:

So happy with the new wedge for the guider! But back to curfew in Germany and Norway should have no proper night anymore. Ah, god damnit.

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Moody thoughts about the e-life 

@sotolf sure, sure, I do too, and love the countryside life with no internet, my garden, all that stuff. Also I think you're from Escandinavia, hence all this cottage and orienteering life is a thing for you (I would've loved that in school). I used also a library, and I actually miss that!

I worked in a pizza store, also carrying furnitures, etc., but what would be job B? No idea. Other than with computers I have no OK experience whatsoever.

Moody thoughts about the e-life 

And this comes out of seeing how good businesses and people (clothes, restaurants, name it...) are struggling when their main source of income gets derailed by a pandemic.

What if, at some point, what's not allowed to use is what keeps our work safe? What will I do instead?

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Moody thoughts about the e-life 

It might sound stupid, but I am thinking that whenever all our digital life goes to hell, I better have other useful working experience.

And it is not just working, but everything, e.g who knows how to use a compass, and a map? anybody has ever documented a piece of work using an actual library? that is, going there in the first place, not after an internet search.

I'm in this a bit of a hopeless mood these days.

Sick-of-tech day. Honestly there are days in which I'd rather work handpicking lentils.

@hund @thang or Hugo. It is faster (although maybe if the site is small the diff is negligible). Also good if you already have a go environment set up, and know f. ex. how to use go templates - no extra effort

@rtsn very cool streets indeed! I don't know Sweden, but Oslo has some good art too, so I guess you should also?

@sotolf can I get one stupid shit? I would've payed to see the baker's face.

And last one. The groove of this, the echoed vocals, the reverberated piano, that thick bass... Ah, Sähkö 🇫🇮 ❤️


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Last one for now. The Heart and Soul Nebulae in Ha, from Munich.

74x45" f/2.8 ISO3600 subs, 15 darks
Canon 6D (Astro mod) + Samyang 135mm
iOptron SkyGuider Pro

Happy Friday everyone!🍺

@fedops awesome! sounds like a nice complement to the ear training. And given my non-existing soldering experience it might be the perfect starting project for that also. Cheers!

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