So happy with the new wedge for the guider! But back to curfew in Germany and Norway should have no proper night anymore. Ah, god damnit.

Last one for now. The Heart and Soul Nebulae in Ha, from Munich.

74x45" f/2.8 ISO3600 subs, 15 darks
Canon 6D (Astro mod) + Samyang 135mm
iOptron SkyGuider Pro

Happy Friday everyone!🍺

2021 goal: Morse, probably with a QSO in CW.

I feel very fluent in 4 letters already, but I must admit 10 words per minute feels real fast!

For those interested, I am using the IZ2UUF app with the Koch method. Listening, listening, listening...!

Easter has given me some time to go to the woods and shoot some of my favourite targets. Not the ideal time for some (Orion), or equipment (Pinwheel Galaxy), but I did had *a lot* of fun. Both the night and the company I had for once were the best decompression before getting back to work.

Hope everyone had good holidays too!

The Rosette Nebula in H-alpha!

45x1' ISO3200 f/2.8 + darks/bias
Canon 6D
Samyang 135mm
iOptron Skyguider Pro
Astronomik 12nm H-alpha

I love to be back!

Getting there!

20x45" in Ha with my DSLR. From the city centre of Munich.

Canon 6D
Samsung 135mm
SkyGuider Pro

Covid self tests have arrived. Who would've thought I'd be sticking things up my nose before seeing people?

To be honest I'd happily live a nocturnal life. Everything is prettier.

F/11, 30" ISO125

And the final version. Not too much beyond some quick cropping, background neutralisation, histogram stretch and noise reduction.

I might retry this target driving out of Munich and with clear skies for more than 13 minutes! 😎

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After more than a year, we couldn't step back from having some minutes of clear-ish sky yesterday. There were some clouds on top of our targets in Orion and a hell of a lot of Autobahn rubbish in the air, but just for the fun of setting things up and do some actual astro!

From the city center of Munich, in H-alpha (the R channel in the Hubble Palette). Around 13 minutes total exposure.

Same clouds, one w/o filter, the other in H-alpha (Hα). See the bird?

Trying not to lose the good humour, but my trip back home is getting more and more complicated with time — Corona™

Analog B/W photography nights just because we had equipment from the 70s and money to spend on paper and chemicals. I like my negative self, let's call it !ruben.

Got one of these little beasts today. Not the easiest thing to master as it has a myriad of features, but things as SWR and Smith analysis are easy enough for my current level.

I have two dual band antennas, but they are not that dual. At least, between both, I cover VHF/UHF!


More on the matters, I spent some time designing my QSL card, and it is ready to be sent either electronically or via bureau whenever I get into the bands with a proper transceiver.

I took the pic years ago! Ah, Zaragoza, you beauty.

—Hællæ, is this the Spanish Embassy in Oslo?
—Yes, how can we help you?
—Wanted to inform you I'm finally staying home.

Cheers dad, this was the best

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