The benefit of reading, to name a few, these three in our mother tongue. All of them, of course, books that our judges read, and understood.

Buenas noches!

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Happy 12th of October to all my fellow Spaniards and Hispanic Americans! 😎 🇪🇸

Today, while waiting for the family to arrive, I spent time with dad showing him how I digitalise my records. Of course he loves The Clash and The Beatles.

Having friends in the north brings jealousy some times. Aurora season has started!

Tromsø, two nights ago <3

To be honest this has been the cause of my biggest improvement in productivity. The difference it makes to jump on there and go afk for a while is *big*. Anybody else doing intervals work/exercise?

I really like the figure in the ecliptic–equatorial coordinates section. How equinoxes are the points in which us (Earth) change from travelling above->below (spring) or below->above (autumn) the equatorial plane. And how the 23.5° angle causing seasons is seen!

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Countryside: good food, good coffee, silence (alright maybe just my brother watching Le Tour de France!, but I like that after-lunch, slow TV chat), gardens and nature... and time to read some old books with astro algorithms in C++ <3

In the author's words: On the benefit of doubt and the critical thinking in a world that puts value in sentimentalism, in being absolutely certain —if possible, very loud too–, the polarization and the “every opinion is respectable” mantra.

In my words: on the dangers of bypassing justice to judge people, turning the “innocent unless you prove me guilty” into a “guilty unless you prove me innocent”, and the dangers of having 10.000 idiots in the need of a flag to wave.

Had an afternoon and got to switch on again my old Doepfer Dark Energy. I have a thing for the analogue, self oscillating filters' kick drums.

Here's a small (and dark) test. Again, using just Audacity to record and mix it.

This tiny beast is coming to Norway with me no matter what!

So, I'm back home. It's sad to see how everyone, with no exception, was wearing a mask even on an empty street at 1am but at the same time this is one of the most affected (if not the most) regions.

Now yes, it's time to WFH and disconnect, leaving an important message from the roads in France. Click.

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More than 1.100 km after, it's dinner time somewhere here in Belgium, just passed the Germany border! ½ it's already done fuck yes!

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Waiting for the ferry to Denmark and it's raining juuuust a bit in Larvik.

This mode should be called Database Debugging Time. And I'm just UTC+2 at the moment, but imagine using a timezone with offsets of 30/45 minutes!

I really like time. It's such a popular but very little known concept. Countries, timezones and offsets, solar time vs standard time (for some countries the shift is big – e.g. Spain, directly below the UK but BST/GMT+1!).

Do you live in a place aligned with solar time? 😛

Yuri Gagarin looks weird in this American textbook🤣

One of the good things about the is that it forces you to go through a lot of pictures to do some clean-up. This was taken very close to Reykjavik in Iceland.

The northern lights show became so magnificent all of a sudden that I had to jump on the car without thinking about the exposure time, blurring my face and burning the car lights.

Also later I realised that Vega, in the constellation of Lyra and part of the summer triangle, was there, as my background.

Ah, that lucky shot!

Today's beer is a classic. From my terrace with a not so hidden message to the Polish government.

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