“Hi Rubén, I see you're interested in data management [...]”

... s..sure...

“... you might be interested in the book blabla cloud blabla for dummies”

stupid LinkedIn I just get motivational messages, advertising, and people calling me Robin Robert Rupert and whatnot.

@kosmoplan Hi Roberto I see you're interested in free software, so you might be interested in this article about putting services up on azure :)

@sotolf now that Microsoft has given us ATP for Linux who knows 😂

@kosmoplan Hey Ronaldo I see you're interested in weightloss I have this great opportunity for you, with your great outreach you only need to get 3 people in your downline, and it will make a great extra income for you! This is not a pyramid scheme, it's the opportunity of our lifetimes be a your own boss! bossbabe :D

@sotolf that has a bug though, if I were called Ronaldo I wouldn't be in LinkedIn, I'd be playing beach football in Copacabana drinking my millions in caipirinhas, or something ;)

@kosmoplan Hi Ruby, I see you're interested in drinking Caipirinhas in the Copacobana, I have a great investment opportunity for you! :p

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