To be honest this has been the cause of my biggest improvement in productivity. The difference it makes to jump on there and go afk for a while is *big*. Anybody else doing intervals work/exercise?

@kosmoplan that looks great, I'm just barely thinking about getting an ebike but damn if they aren't expensive!

@ikt oh god they are yeah. I wasn't even aware of how much they cost, but 😰 - did you get it at the end?

@kosmoplan My city (Brisbane) is installing huge bike paths, I think it's close to being complete.

Unfortunately unless I can get up a bit earlier going 100KM/h on the freeway is most days just getting me to work on time and that's a lot faster than the 40 KM/h on the 'bike' version of the freeway.

It's definitely in the back of my mind though, I think once they come down in price <$1.5k for sure.

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