Countryside: good food, good coffee, silence (alright maybe just my brother watching Le Tour de France!, but I like that after-lunch, slow TV chat), gardens and nature... and time to read some old books with astro algorithms in C++ <3

I really like the figure in the ecliptic–equatorial coordinates section. How equinoxes are the points in which us (Earth) change from travelling above->below (spring) or below->above (autumn) the equatorial plane. And how the 23.5° angle causing seasons is seen!

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@kosmoplan just looked this book up and HOLY SNAP it is expensive!! How did you get your hands on this?

@garritfra Springer books are extremely expensive, yes! I bought it some years ago, most probably in Amazon (not entirely sure, but I was living in the UK by then and technical books like this are always easier to get there). Maybe some old second hand editions are still around? I can look what are the differences if you'd like.

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